Silent Gets Out

Most of you missed out on our backpacking trip up the Matilija River. This is one of the falls that we jumped into, and I’m trying to create a slideown so you can see what you could have enjoyed…

Matilija Backpack Trip



I started my own blog.

I just wanted to do something that would keep you guys connected to my life and make a place where I could share thoughts on things. So enjoy my life on your screen.

the Gaius project

Gaius Project

“We consistently fail to experience the fullness of enjoyment that God has for us in artistic expression because we do not understand how our pleasures relate to the pleasure to be had in God (Eccl. 2:24-25, I Tim. 6:17). Or, we want to ultimately ascribe the glory of a work to man the creature rather than God, man’s creator (Romans 1:25). We forfeit so much joy to be had in art when we make man or art, and not God, the end of art.”

You guys need to check this out. This is a tremendous movement. I am very excited to watch what goes on over here. I have been watching with great joy as some of have been developing in your atristic expression and hope that you will join in.

Since I’m on the topic For more great reading on the role of imagination and art from a Biblical perspective check out this profound article by N. T. Wright.

Finishing the Race

Today was my last day of having to do homework in high school.  I’m going to say that I did feel just a little bit emotional (only a bit).  I started to think if I “ran the race” with full force and never giving up at all.  I stumbled many times over my high school carreer but I have to say that I think that is going to help prepare me for what is to come in college.  I learned many lessons like don’t wait until the night before to do your homework.  That is going to be the biggest thing I will take with me next year.  I am going to commit myself to running the next race with even greater force and determination.  And I think that is something we all need to do.  We need to never give up no matter what challenges may lie ahead.

Moving Up

As the last days of school begin to come over many of us many thoughts have come into my head.  All of the authors on this blog go to a Christian school so I came to think how many of the seniors are not going to go to a Christian college.  Many are going to secular colleges and that got me to thinking.  Without having a Bible class or chapel once a week how many seniors are going to find themselves drifting away from the things of God?  The reality is I think that many are going to.  This is really frightening and I hope I’m wrong, but without the push from our parents and our school it will be very hard to not endulge in the pleasures of the world.  I think that it is important to get someone to hold you accountable NOW.  Find someone that you will still keep in contact with to help pray, and encourage you as you go about your days in college.  Most of all, stay involved in a church and pray to God to give you the strength to always seek Him and honor Him in all you do. 


I hate to chew over such a unpertinent topic but I believe I must voice my opinion.  Officially I am over news.  I am over US weekly, I am over People, I am over E-xtra, I am over any other fake news production.  All we talk about is how celebrities are failing at life.  Whether is be
Paris going to prison, Hasselhoff being a binge drinker, or A-Rod and his allegations of cheating.  I mean honestly the world has become so petty and absorbed with this “news” that is overshadows real issues.  The media distorts the news yes, but at least it could distort what really matters!  I think America and humanity in general has become so news hungry that we indulge ourselves with crap.  So I beg of you, put down your tabloid, turn off Good Day LA, and put on Hannity and Coomes or Mad Money.  Like G.K. says leave the slums and enjoy the feast.  All I ask is to be aware of this insolence plaguing the media. 

Paradise Lost graphic design (should count as blog)

Paradise Lost

This is a bookcover I made for my computer graphics class.  It is also an homage to Paradise Lost.  Left to right it is back spine cover.  Enjoy