Reflections of the mind was a topic that was reoccurring this last year of high school.  As I stop and reflect on this whole year and past high school experience I stop and think, “Did I leave my mark?”  I do not want to leave this school without leaving some trademark and legacy.  I believe my senior class as a whole has left their mark.  The previous year was known for being over the top and crazy.  My class was indeed very argumentative, debating, yet extremely witty and intelligent.  But what about the individual?  What about me?  Did I leave something behind that would be remembered just “Go big or go home, leave it all out on the floor so that you dont leave wishing that you should of done more.”


Paradise Lost Part Deux

Something that has crossed my mind in my past readings and learning is the background stories on Anti Heroes.  I have noticed that the reason why we enjoy these types of characters, is because it is tangible.  I indeed could become a Jack Sparrow or even a Rooster Cogburn.  It is their faults that make us like them and want to be like them.  Everybody loves “the bad-boy” and it is true.  As wicked as a hero might be morally, they are still a hero to us.  Our fallen nature is what consumes us and declares in our hearts the envy to be like these Anti Heroes.

Paradise Lost

To be honest, I did not think I was going to like Paradise Lost.  I was very reluctant after completing most of school and starting a very large topic and trying to overcome it all in a short amount of time.  As the classes progressed, I have become infatuated with it all.  It has helped broaden my senses and my learning capacity as a reader and even a student.  I have noticed myself relating and applying things of my own life to this epic poem.  In a way it has began to grow on me and consume me.

Romans 8

I am not a person to leave up for discussion.  I often state my facts and leave it be.  Truth and logic are important.  I believe it may be my competitive nature.  As a reflect on my previous memorization’s of Romans 8 this past semester, would it of been better to memorize or thoroughly study it?  As I read through the passage for the final review of the passage, I truly read through it.  Too often we become so influenced by getting a good grade that we overlook what we are memorizing.  I believe the upcoming seniors should petition and truly study theologically the doctrine of Romans 8 rather then tediously stressing out over memorizing, or should I say mesmerizing?

AP Tests

As I have noticed in reflection of the AP tests this year, the tests we take in school are representative of the tests we are faced with in life.  The thing is, when we come across a large task in our life, will we be able to take everything we have learned and throw it out in a moments notice?  Will we be able to apply our knowledge in different forms like we do between multiple choice or short answer essay?  It is something that has begun to really hit home lately.  Will I personally be able to take the task at hand and ride the bull and come off safely.  I sure hope everything I have learned these past four years of high-school have prepared me adequately for the future ahead.

Closer Then You Think

I have found a similar genre in my topics for these posts.  All come from personal experiences.  I feel that reading and becoming knowledgeable to gain intellect is not necessarily the way to benefit in life.  We must live and experience life so that we may benefit from the good times or even the trials and tribulations.

 This spring break was spent primarily in pain.  My wisdom teeth were extracted on Tuesday and I’m still healing now almost a week later.  This kind of procedure takes you out of your normal element and into a state of need.  So much as a senior I observe myself gaining my own independence and becoming self sufficient in as many ways of life as possible.  Because of my surgery i was not entirely able to. 

I was able to experience the feelings of need.  My whole family was very supportive and I really grew closer to them as they helped me through my struggle.  The main thing I learned throughout this whole ordeal is that just as i relied on my parents for support, myself and other Christians must rely on God.  Too often I find myself trying to handle my own problems.  I need to give myself to God and let him handle my situations as stubborn as I am.  Regardless of any situation I must let God be my rock, my fortress, and my cornerstone.


I was blessed with my 1st theological argument this weekend.  I was awoken by the knocking of my front door.  As i approached it, there stood before me two elderly women holding 3 pieces of paper.  First thing I noticed was the big “JEHOVAH’S WITNESSES.”  At that point i knew a theological debate was in order.

The conversation preceded with her explaining her purpose of why she was talking to me.  The papers were used to follow in scripture to bring me to my salvation according to her.  She then asked if I had ever read then Bible.  I then responded with my experience of my daily Bible reading and my 6 years of Bible class and the last two specifically on theology.  She was stunned by my answer, and as a response I began to ask her some questions on her faith.  She persisted to answer and gave me her views of her religion.  There were immediate contradictions in our faith and I began to inform her of those and also explained to her about her religion. 

What exactly was said is not the important part.  What is truly ideal is the fact that we as people need to be non conforming to whatever we may hear and see.  We must ask questions and become knowledgeable of the outside sources so that we may be equipped with intellectual fact.  I have been blessed to have received the teaching from my high school career and it will help me proceed throughout my life.  We must stop and think, knowledge is power.