Celebrities Voicing Their Opinion

            Most of the time, you can turn on the news and find a new report of some celebrity giving their opinion on some political views.  They are either for the war, against the war, for same sex marriages or against, want to bring our troops home, or just hate President Bush.  But is it okay for celebrities to voice their opinion in this manner?  It is fine that they express their opinion because we have the right to, but a lot of the time they do it in a disrespectful and rude way.  They almost appear to attack people who disagree with them.  Take for example when the Dixie Chicks bashed President Bush.  It is fine if they do not agree or like Bush, but it is not okay for them to say hateful and rude things about him.  Another example that has happened recently is with the fight between Rosie O’Donnell and Elizabeth Hasslebeck of the daytime talk-show “The View.”  O’Donnell seemed to attack Hasslebeck when Hasslebeck did not agree with Rosie on her view of the troops in
Iraq.  I think it is completely acceptable and in their right for celebrities to voice their political views, but I just hope and wish that they would do it in a respectful manner. (P.S.  I do not believe that every celebrity voices their opinion in this way, just some.)


Experience of Blogging

            This entire experience of blogging for me has been a difficult one.  I am not an argumentative person.  I hate to debate and argue with people.  I’m just not into it.  So to be made to express my opinion about the world has been torture for me.  I have my own opinions, but I do not feel the need to express every concern I have about this world and our society.  I would enjoy it more if I was able to freely blog about things when I am really passionate or concerned about an issue, not just to blog to debate or argue for no reason about something I do not really care about. 

In The World

            Scripture encourages us to be in the world, but not of the world. But because we have so much homework assigned we can’t even be in the world.  We never get a chance.  We are trapped in our rooms doing homework.

Be Bold

As I have been working on my Bible paper that deals with different religions I have been realizing how I do not witness to people as often as I should. In my Bible paper I was assigned the section on two keys to witnessing to my specific religion, Buddhism. Going through the ways to witness to a Buddhist, I realized how I don’t even witness to my friends and family around me who are not Christians. I am too scared. Scared that they won’t like me or get offended or not talk to me anymore. Scared that I won’t know how to explain it clearly enough, Scared that I won’t know the answers to their questions. I try to live a life that would show that I am a Christian, but that is not enough. I need to become bold and be able to talk to people, especially my friends and family, about the Good News of Jesus Christ.

A Disgrace to Christianity

This article is an anecdote of a person whose show was ruined by a group of Christians.  These Christians went into the performance and poured water all over his original show outline.  This act is a disgrace to Christianity everywhere.  This group of Christians might have thought they were doing something good because they didn’t agree with the show, but they were wrong.  As Christians we should love others so that we could open their hearts and eyes to Christ.  But by destroying someone work you are just setting yourself up for them to hate and reject anything you have to say to them.  When you attack someone physically, emotionally, or mentally they are not going to be willingly to listen to you because they will just think of you as hypocrite.  And now because of this group, the person whose work got destroyed is always going associate Christianity with this group and what they did to him, closing the door for other Christians to witness to him.  I think it is really important as Christians to love others and adopt the way of Christ.  Would Christ have poured water over that person’s work? No.  Christ would have talked to him and shown love and concern for him.  And that is exactly what this group of Christians should have done.



The price of college has sky-rocketed to outrageous amounts in the last few years.  The prices “average more than $22,000 for private schools and almost $6,000 for state schools.”(Fox News)  This has caused many people to speculate if the students should get a “free ride through college” or if they should pay for some of the cost themselves.

I think it is important for the students themselves to pay for a portion of their higher education.  For most of our lives from birth to high school we have been taken care of by our parents.  Most of us never had to pay for our own food, clothing, shelter, etc. But as a result we have learned to rely on our parents to take care of our every need.  As we make the leap into the adult world of college, we need to sever that tie to our parents.  It is fine to still require them sometimes, but we need to become more independent and responsible so we will be ready for the “real world.”  http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,259584,00.html

Junk Food In Schools

            When someone thinks of cafeteria food, they usually will think of mystery meat or disgusting food.  But many schools are changing their menus to include healthy, nutritious meals.  But some parents feel that they are being “undermined” of their authority to choose what their child eats because of vending machines offering junk food and sodas to the students.  Many parents feel that soda and junk food should be banned entirely from the school premises.

            A question these parents need to ask themselves is “Are they taking this too far?”  Of course it is important to protect children from obesity and unhealthy eating habits, but by taking away the junk food and soda entirely are the children going to be able to learn how to make healthy choices for themselves?  If they are constantly being told what to eat by their parents and their school how will they be able to make those choices when they are older?  I think that healthy meals are a great idea, but instead of entirely removing junk food and soda, we should teach the students how to eat those in moderation and how to make healthy eating choices.