Silent Gets Out

Most of you missed out on our backpacking trip up the Matilija River. This is one of the falls that we jumped into, and I’m trying to create a slideown so you can see what you could have enjoyed…

Matilija Backpack Trip


Moving Up

As the last days of school begin to come over many of us many thoughts have come into my head.  All of the authors on this blog go to a Christian school so I came to think how many of the seniors are not going to go to a Christian college.  Many are going to secular colleges and that got me to thinking.  Without having a Bible class or chapel once a week how many seniors are going to find themselves drifting away from the things of God?  The reality is I think that many are going to.  This is really frightening and I hope I’m wrong, but without the push from our parents and our school it will be very hard to not endulge in the pleasures of the world.  I think that it is important to get someone to hold you accountable NOW.  Find someone that you will still keep in contact with to help pray, and encourage you as you go about your days in college.  Most of all, stay involved in a church and pray to God to give you the strength to always seek Him and honor Him in all you do. 

In The World

            Scripture encourages us to be in the world, but not of the world. But because we have so much homework assigned we can’t even be in the world.  We never get a chance.  We are trapped in our rooms doing homework.

A Hummingbird


my hummingbird

  The life of a hummingbird seems to consist of carrying out a vast amount of tasks at a very rapid pace.  Its delicate frame is maneuvered by the precipitous movement of its wings and at times it seems to freeze a moment of time as it takes an instant to collect its requisites.             

Our whole lives we are taught to carry out specific tasks which will allow us to become better fit to be able to take on more tasks at one time.  Society stresses getting as much done as possible in the little amount of time that we are given.  We maneuver from one point to the next, accounting for each second, not willing to spare a moment to breathe.  This becomes a very unfortunate predicament for us all, as we run ourselves down to our lowest points, often hurting ourselves more than any other bitter sting.             

As I was carrying out one of my tasks in life, I nearly missed a symbol of great importance.  A mirror image of myself.  I assumed he had felt the bitter sting I felt, wanting to make the impossible, possible.  He had run out of liveliness, for he had put all his energy into carrying out the “requisite” tasks of life, that he now was hopelessly hanging on to life.  His life’s flame was about to be snuffed out.             

The life of a hummingbird rapidly ends.  Like the hummingbird, my life is temporary and quick.  I get so caught up in the important tasks of life that I forget to live life.  God is good. He has given me life, not to carry out pointless tasks, but to glorify Him.  God used that hummingbird as a symbol to remind me to breathe, to realize that I cannot take on anything alone.  He is my source of life, and if I overlook my source of life, I will soon become like that hummingbird, grasping onto any flicker of life that is left. 


     I have thought about her ever since I was a little kid.  Will she be kind, loving, and HOT!  (Just kidding, but really if she’s not hot she can just pack her bags and leaveJ)  Okay, I’ve had my fun, now let’s get serious.  I’m talking about my future wife if you didn’t catch on.  Here I go, I’m about to sound VERY girly…are you ready?…I don’t think you are….Haven’t you daydreamed about your future spouse?  Stayed up all night long thinking about your future with them and wondering if you will have a beautiful marriage with a perfect life?  I have.  Actually this is what I was thinking about today.  

     Working at a movie theater I get to see a lot of bad dates.  Imagine this: Couple walks up to the Box Office and the guy asks for two tickets for whatever.  I tell them the total amount it is and both of them just stand there.  The guy and the girl look at each other as if saying with there eyes, “Aren’t you going to pay?!”  And like clockwork, the guy haphazardly reaches for his wallet and looks for that 20 bucks he supposedly had.  The girl is already frustrated at this point and gets her wallet out and pays me.  The guy then thanks the girl and gives her a kiss on the cheek as the girl rolls her eyes and they quickly walk away.  Let’s just say this happens quite frequently.  What I’m getting at is that there is a lot of good dates I see as well.  The man acting like the perfect gentleman and the girl being grateful and giving as well. 

     All of that to say I want to be the second couple.  I want to be able to go out in public and be able to show my love to her in every way that I can.  I know the only way that we will have that great relationship is if we keep God in the center of our relationship.  That’s what I’m afraid of.  Finding a girl that is completely passionate for Christ.  I want a girl that is able to support me in my relationship with God and vice versa.  Looking out into this demoralizing world just scares me.  Are there any more of these women out there?  I hope so.  I can’t compromise this part of the relationship no matter how “picky” it may seem.  

Please God, I know my life is in your hands and I pray you may bless me with an upright woman that is right in your eyes.  Help me too to become the upright man that you have called me to be.  Amen

Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised (Proverbs 31:30)


The Spirit of a Child

The adventurous outlook on the world is what I miss most about being a child. Of course I still long for adventures outside of my present environment, but as a child I was completely content with the environment I was in.

I recently went to the park with two children whom I often baby sit. As they explored the nature around them, I sat on the grass and stared into the hills imagining a place other than where I presently was, disregarding all the adventure right in front of me. Luckily, I had my two little friends there to remind me that right in front of me was an acute world of adventure. We climbed trees, jumped in piles of leaves, and slid down dirt hills on our bottoms, giggling all the way down.

I wish I could have the spirit of a child, always satisfied with what God has to offer them. It is always good to be reminded to embrace what has been given, whether it be little to nothing, or in great abundance.

The Festering Wound (A Comment)

I attempted to put this video as a comment to jruxor’s courageous post yesterday, but the comments box couldn’t handle it. Lust is not new to the scene. History displays our hedonistic nature’s supreme desire for pleasure in sexual gratification, but if you remember C. S. Lewis’ comment this should not be surprising:

If we find within ourself a desire which no experience in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that we are made for another world. (Mere Christianity, Book III, chapter 10, para. 5)

Yes, I just implied that our desire for sexual pleasure reveals an innate longing for heaven. This is a two minute excerpt from a sermon by John Piper, and I believe, if truly considered and understood, it is absolutely revolutionary.

There are many more of Piper’s sermon videos on YouTube. You can read and hear more from this series at his website.