Necessary Encouragement


Human beings are curious creatures. It’s a rather amazing thing considering that mere words, a form of communication, can elevate or destroy the confidence of a person.  At times it may seem that the will to carry on can be just as difficult a task as the scaling of a mountain. 

Approaching the end of my highschool career I am faced with a challenge.  I could so easily sit back and chill out for the remainder of the year. My grades are good enough and with little effort i could stick it out and still have reasonable grades.  I am fully aware that I am not the only one faced with this option and temptation.

With this in mind I challenge you.  Is it truly worth compromising your dignity in order to just take the easy route.  As gifted young beings we should be convicted to utilize our gifts in order to glorify The Maker.  What benefit is there for just taking the lazy way.  It is in this situation that I pray for the strength to carry on, not just for myself but for my peers.   Don’t give up now.  Finish the race.  End it with a glorious sprint that can never be forgotten.


An Enlightening Thought…

Recently, it seems that there has been an inescapable subject everywhere I go. At least it seems that way. Perhaps it had been there before, but because my mind wasn’t necessarily inclined to notice the matter it may have just gone right over my head. It truly seems that the conversation in regards to the problem of evil.

Just as I believe any Christian should struggle through the facets of his beliefs, I have found myself seriously challenging my own beliefs. This Sunday I was blessed to hear a great metaphor that helped to give light to the subject and a little more understanding.

There was a man that was in dire need of a haircut. His lovely locks were no longer lovely and he was starting to take on the shaggy look that no small business executive should ever have. So in order to restore his classy business man look, he took a trip to the barbershop (just as any man who knows the value of a buck would.) Being nothing more than an ordinary man at heart, he took a dive into a fantastic conversation with his barber, the man that you always feel you can trust. Conversation was refreshing, talking about life, politics, and other sorts of general small talk. Eventually, the conversation turned to religion. The business man was a believer, and a strong leader in the local church. Being aware of the religious beliefs held by the man, the barber made a bold statement along the lines that he could never believe in God simply due to the fact that suffering exists. The barber said that God cold not exist because innocent people are forced to endure the struggles of life all around the globe. Though the man desired to defend his beliefs, emotions could run high, and the barber was cutting his hair with very sharp sheers and the man would probably want to keep his ears. The man let the conversation pass, and finished out the haircut and paid the barber.
As he walked out the door, he noticed a man that was scraggly and obviously not had had the most fortunate series of events go his way. The homeless man looked as if he hadn’t had a haircut in months. Then the business man had an epiphany. He quickly ran back into the barbershop. And he told the barber this, “I do not believe barbers don’t exist.”
The barber responded with, “How can you say such things? I just cut your hair. You just paid me. How can you say that barber’s don’t exist?”
The business man concluded with this, “I just saw a man that was in dire need of a haircut. Obviously he hasn’t had one. So, I don’t believe that barbers exist.”

Video games…?


Now we all have played our share of violent video games.  Honestly I love them.  There is something fun about stealing cars and driving speeds that are well into the triple digits.  Or perhaps, a little bit of shooting.  Despite the cause for killing, good or bad, alien or human, shooting and blowing things up is a blast [Even at the world renounced Disneyland, there is a ride that features guns and shooting].  More and more people are beginning to play video games, and at younger ages.  And just as the people making these games rejoice in the cashflow, social critics wince in pain.

Unfortunately, we have had a terrible thing happen recently.  My condolences go out to all the families that were affected by the tragedy, and I thank Androo for talking about the subject.  It’s a terrible thing.  And whenever people here about such events the first thing they want to know is why someone would do such a thing.  But we really can’t know.  So people always try and put a finger on the problem and why things happen.

I can’t answer why someone would commit such acts,  If you asked the man who did it; chances are he may not know why HE did it.  I’ve been pondering this question: “Why do we see these shootings happening now? And where were they 50 years ago?”

  • Some will say that the sheer population difference is larger and that just increases the shot at producing ‘mentally instabity’ in and among people…
  • Some will say that the reason is the poor family values.  Increased divorce rates. More and more children being raised without fathers…
  • But some will say that it is because of the videogames that kids play…

One huge social critic and huge supporter of the final theory is Jack Thompson.  Political activists and attorney Jack Thompson was giving his opinion on Fox News within 8 hours of the devestating event at Virginia Tech.  With something happening involving young people, J. Thompson was all over jumping on video games.  I’m willing to agree that our generation is affected by video games, but souly devoting the blame to that single thing is too much.

[Really, I was hoping that this would spark up conversation in the comment section.  I kinda want to hear opinions. My mother agrees with J. Thomp and I am curious about everyone else…]

Triumphant Entry

Though I understand that many people think that a proper reflection of thought should have some sort of reference. I do know for a fact that our dear Marcelonicus is a fan of references and to him and all others that may be frustrated in this post, my deepest apologies. Now, I cannot say the is is a whole hearted apology, because sometimes, thoughts just pop into the old noggin. But if a reference is demanded, try this on for size: Time.

Today is Palm Sunday. A day that is important simply because it was a moment in the life of our Savior. But it is a day that proved a fact about our humanity and our logic. In pondering this day, I consider the idea of our ability to see a good thing when it is in front of us. When Christ entered Jerusalem, the people praised God and shouted of his presence in great jubilee. Their king was entering the city… I could give the details but I’m sure you already know them, and in case you don’t, Mark 11. But the people could only see the there and then of “their” king. When days later that “their” king was crucified. Their hopes and ideas of what was to come were shattered… Understandably, this may seem a little scattered and somewhat unorganized but so are my thoughts. But the idea of our misunderstanding of the happenings of time is so strong in my mind that it simply challenges me to depend not on my own logic, but to rather listen to the inspiration that is given through the Word.

Family of God

For those who claim the name of Christ, we know that we are called to be set apart from the world.  In our actions, in our thoughts, in our relationships.

Over the last few months I’ve been attending a church service called Revolution every Sunday night (at least whenever I didn’t have to work.)  At Revolution, they have accomplished a large task is in creating a place for whole hearted worship.  Pastor Paul, who speaks on most occasions, is a great teacher.  He speaks with conviction and inspires thought.  In  a recent sermon, he spoke about the “family of God.”  In his three points of the sermon he stated three things: That those who are a part of the family are chosen by him and we are adopted into the family by grace through faith.  That the family of God should be able to be identified by our obedience to the word, and that our greatest love should be to Christ.  And finaly the point that held such a strong conviciton for me, that the family of God should serve one another.

I’ve heard many a sermon saying that we need to love one another, and love others before we love ourselves… so on and so forth.  But in my mind I always brushed it off and just said to myself, “Hey, I’m a nice guy… no worries.”  But how often does anyone really serve another person?  How often do we really talk to someone and listen to them, not just wait for our turn to talk. [couldn’t help but throw in some movie lines.] But the greatest thing Pastor Paul brought the congregation to consider was the idea of not giving up on relationships.  Considering how much easier it is to just walk away from problems, is that what we are called to do?  The world isn’t perfect, ergo the world will have disagreements.  So in those disagreements, what is it that a believer should do?  Should they just put it to the back of the mind?

 And with this challenge I conclude.  Just as Pastor Paul challenged the congregation: If there are any grudges that you have in your heart, any people you haven’t forgiven, or even any little problems you have just tried to ignore, solve the problem and settle the differences.



Tell me something… How does this make you feel?

 Consider the question…  is it not a question that is Oh, so common in our society?  If you were to ask me, i would have to say that the question kindles the embers of passion in my soul.  A question that begs for an answer of “personal truth” an answer that is personalized just for you.  And in our small (yet growing) community, we stand against the Post Modern thought.  We crave the cold hard truth.  We want to lead a way for a generation that doesn’t take delight in the things that are simply just given to us. But rather we want to work hard and get what we deserve.  Wewill reap the consequences of our actions, and let us accumulate a bounty of wealth in our quest to defy the flow of a hopeless Gen Whatev.


Once again I have the privilege of being the first to post.  And with that I take the liberty of saying something.

I understand that some may just see this as yet another way for Bed to give us more work.  Let us not just look at it in that sense.  We are a prilileged class.  Sure, this is something that we might have to work at.  Let’s approach this in a mature sense.  Correct me if i’m wrong, but don’t we think that we are old enough to hand our situations ourselves.  Whether you are 16, 17, 0r 18…  We have a way we can address situations that we all have opinions about.  So I beg of you, Speak out what you wish to say.  Fear not judgment…

Even if this is something hard for us to deal with. 

Work through it,

Fight through it.  And keep each other accountable to it.

Finally,  one last thought. 

Positivity…  This will only work if we have an attitude to make it work.