all it took was a sandwich and a ride.

Last night my dad and I went to Albertsons at around 8:30 to buy some necessary foods to get us through this week. As we walked out we came in contact with a homeless women and my dad decided we should go back in to buy her something to eat. We came out with this foot-long sandwich and I kindly gave it to her. Unbeknown to us, she was not hungry but just needed a ride across the street to the laundry mat. She was a very heavy women with a wheel chair and a walker. The wheel chair would not fit in my car so my dad had to walk over to the laundry mat which gave me some time alone with the women. I helped her into my car and we drove away. She got a little loud and starting screaming bad language and asking me why the Lord has done what he has done to her. This really broke my heart because I could not respond. I stopped at 7-11 before I dropped her off at the laundry mat and hopped out to get her a cup of coffee. When I returned to my car she was asking me why I trusted her to be in my car alone and how I knew that she would not steal my processions. For one, I knew if she did steal them, she wouldn’t get away fast but I did not tell her that. I told her I had faith that God would bless me by blessing someone else. She again proceeded in asking me why God hated her. She also told us that we made her night and that she was very thankful. This really left me in a weird state of mind. I got her to the laundry mat and kindly said good-bye and told her to pray for comfort.
On the way home my dad made a statement regarding our culture and how much pain there is. This story was not meant to be a boastful one about my generosity. Really, I just want to encourage you to look at your surroundings. Most of the time we go to the grocery store buying more than what we need and then leave not even looking twice at the homeless person sitting at the doors as we walk out. Also we really need to realize just how good we have it. Most of us are going away to great colleges where we will get the chance to gain important knowledge that will provide us with good paying jobs for the rest of our lives. Do not take advantage of this opportunity! Please, I ask, count your blessings, and when your done, count them again.