A Hummingbird


my hummingbird

  The life of a hummingbird seems to consist of carrying out a vast amount of tasks at a very rapid pace.  Its delicate frame is maneuvered by the precipitous movement of its wings and at times it seems to freeze a moment of time as it takes an instant to collect its requisites.             

Our whole lives we are taught to carry out specific tasks which will allow us to become better fit to be able to take on more tasks at one time.  Society stresses getting as much done as possible in the little amount of time that we are given.  We maneuver from one point to the next, accounting for each second, not willing to spare a moment to breathe.  This becomes a very unfortunate predicament for us all, as we run ourselves down to our lowest points, often hurting ourselves more than any other bitter sting.             

As I was carrying out one of my tasks in life, I nearly missed a symbol of great importance.  A mirror image of myself.  I assumed he had felt the bitter sting I felt, wanting to make the impossible, possible.  He had run out of liveliness, for he had put all his energy into carrying out the “requisite” tasks of life, that he now was hopelessly hanging on to life.  His life’s flame was about to be snuffed out.             

The life of a hummingbird rapidly ends.  Like the hummingbird, my life is temporary and quick.  I get so caught up in the important tasks of life that I forget to live life.  God is good. He has given me life, not to carry out pointless tasks, but to glorify Him.  God used that hummingbird as a symbol to remind me to breathe, to realize that I cannot take on anything alone.  He is my source of life, and if I overlook my source of life, I will soon become like that hummingbird, grasping onto any flicker of life that is left. 


The Spirit of a Child

The adventurous outlook on the world is what I miss most about being a child. Of course I still long for adventures outside of my present environment, but as a child I was completely content with the environment I was in.

I recently went to the park with two children whom I often baby sit. As they explored the nature around them, I sat on the grass and stared into the hills imagining a place other than where I presently was, disregarding all the adventure right in front of me. Luckily, I had my two little friends there to remind me that right in front of me was an acute world of adventure. We climbed trees, jumped in piles of leaves, and slid down dirt hills on our bottoms, giggling all the way down.

I wish I could have the spirit of a child, always satisfied with what God has to offer them. It is always good to be reminded to embrace what has been given, whether it be little to nothing, or in great abundance.

The Bible’s SEXIEST Book???

I recently read an article on “the Bible’s sexiest book.” The author begins the first paragraph by comparing the Bible with his grandmother’s basement and ends the paragraph by comparing Song of Solomon with a description of erotica. From the beginning of this article I read how ridiculously the author described the Word of God, yet I had to finish the article in order to see what would possess anyone to so foolishly take a beautiful collection of love poems between a husband and wife, which celebrates the sexual fidelity God intended for marriage, and measure it down to nothing more than a seductive article in a magazine found at any newsstand.“According to the most common interpretation, the Song of Solomon is a collection of love poems between a man and a woman. God established marriage, including the physical union of husband and wife (gen. 2:18-25), and Israelite wisdom literature treasures the aspect of marriage as the appropriate expression of human sexuality (Prov. 5:15-20). This kind of love between husband and wife creates a bond that is ‘strong and death’ (Song of Solomon 8:6), and the Song of Solomon celebrates such passionate love.” According to the author, the Song of Solomon contains “lusty images and panting verses” which have nothing to do with religious orientation. “This is sexy time. This is the Last Tango in Judah.”

What’s more, he refers to a woman’s virginity as something to be “careful” with; only give it away when you “fall in love.” In other words, virginity is a gift to the person you are ready to give it to, regardless of marriage. He takes this verse extremely out of context with the passage, because it is clear that that the true author of this passage is intending that sex should be a gift to your husband and husband only (or wife).

I continued to read through the article and time and time again I was shocked by the many misinterpretations of this beautiful book. I was not only shocked, but saddened by this man’s blindness to the beauty which God intended sex to be. Sex is one of the most sacred things between husband and wife, and should not be taken lightly. In today’s society virginity is taken very dispassionately. We live in a world which incorporates sex in everything we see and do (hence, the Bible’s sexiest book), but we must not fall into the ways of this world. For the ways of this world will only lead us to destruction.


A day-by-day journey which leads . . . Home

“Behind you is the confusion of disappointments, in front of you is the confusion of anticipating things that have not yet arrived in their proper time. Only in here and now is there clarity. Enjoy the moment with clear awareness and knowledge that God is in you, and everything around you.” ~ my beloved uncle

During one of the most difficult times of my life my uncle lovingly wrote these words to me, not knowing I would cherish them for the rest of my life. God is in us and in everything around us; wherever we go He will be right there with us. He is our Comforter and our Teacher through every experience we go through on this earth. Even the deepest pain or pleasure is in essence the same, an experience of life, in which we become stronger and closer to our Father. Let us live every day to the fullest, finding joy in “the little things” as well as in suffering.

Joy is not a destination, but a day-by-day journey in which God unfolds through the treacherous roads which we must take in order to reach Home. “I tell you the truth, today you will be with me in paradise.” Luke 23:43

An Artist above all artists . . .

I recently read an article regarding a YouTube for Artists. I’m assuming most of you know what YouTube is and I hope you thoroughly enjoy it just as much as I do. We can find almost anything on YouTube such as snippets of Jon Stewart, episodes of hit T.V. shows, and home videos that will make you laugh so hard you want to pee your pants; but what we cannot find is true art. By true art, I mean the depiction of a masterpiece in its full reflection of what the artist had in mind when creating it. Viewing art online is like taking a snapshot of the Sistine Chapel ceiling and saying “Well, that pretty much covers it. There’s not much to it.”

You may be thinking to yourself, “What does this blog have anything to do with Christianity in America?” Think about it. . . got it yet? God is the Creator of His Masterpiece, the world, and we as His children do not see His masterpiece in the full reflection of what He had in mind when creating it. We go through everyday life not realizing how beautiful life truly is. Look around you, the sky, the mountains, the delicacy of a flower, and your carefully woven hands. Isn’t it beautiful? Then why do we so often overlook His masterpiece? Everyone does it, including me, but maybe if we just sat down outside for five minutes and soaked in all the sounds, the breeze, and the smells, we might learn to appreciate God’s Masterpiece and maybe one day learn to depict it in its full reflection of what He had in mind.


Silent no more is a place where we can openly express our thoughts about the world around us. Our world has malformed its morals into nothing more than that of decay. We speak against the apathetic generation in which we live in; its deterioration. Our generation, the “Whatever Generation,” lacks passion, opinions, and general distinctions, which does in fact prove us to be the most disaffected generation in history. We are here to disprove that; we will not leisurely watch our generation become numb to the piercing issues of our society. We will no longer be silent! Through this blog we hope to enlighten those who choose to stand out, who choose to no longer be a “whatever.” Our voice will be heard!