Silent Gets Out

Most of you missed out on our backpacking trip up the Matilija River. This is one of the falls that we jumped into, and I’m trying to create a slideown so you can see what you could have enjoyed…

Matilija Backpack Trip



  1. Wow that’s pretty!

  2. Excellent content and style…keep up the good work!

  3. May I use this photo is a newsletter for the non-profit I work for? It’s fabulous!

    • Which non-profit?

      • Sorry, should have been more specific, I was just cruising for images when I came across it. We are an environmental group called Los Padres ForestWatch, we work to protect wildlife and wild places along California’s Central Coast ( I can give photo credit of course, and would be printing it with a story about a landowner who is trying to close the trail to the public lands that the falls are on….thanks for your consideration!

      • I actually just went up there 2 weeks ago. Didn’t think we were going to get through because of the article on your org’s website. Took a group of boys on first backpack trip. Have pics of waterslide, falls, etc. We spent afternoon cleaning the creek. Definitely will let you use it and more if you credit.

      • Guess I should have given my name. Blair Edwards.
        Attached small versions of the recent pics.

      • Oh that is fabulous! I’m so glad you guys had a good time, and did some good while you were at it!

        Who should I credit for the photo? AND if you ever want to do more backcountry stuff, I organize microtrash cleanups in high priority condor areas. We have a couple overnighters coming up, you can email me at

        Thanks again!

  4. Ah, got it, thanks Blair…

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