the Gaius project

Gaius Project

“We consistently fail to experience the fullness of enjoyment that God has for us in artistic expression because we do not understand how our pleasures relate to the pleasure to be had in God (Eccl. 2:24-25, I Tim. 6:17). Or, we want to ultimately ascribe the glory of a work to man the creature rather than God, man’s creator (Romans 1:25). We forfeit so much joy to be had in art when we make man or art, and not God, the end of art.”

You guys need to check this out. This is a tremendous movement. I am very excited to watch what goes on over here. I have been watching with great joy as some of have been developing in your atristic expression and hope that you will join in.

Since I’m on the topic For more great reading on the role of imagination and art from a Biblical perspective check out this profound article by N. T. Wright.


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