Since I can’t get enough Paradise Lost

After reading the latest chapters of Paradise Lost and watching a 4 hour special on Star Wars I pondered this…  The parallels of Paradise Lost to modern works of Literature and Movie are way more prevalent than I thought.  The first one I found was in class 5 days ago.  The scene of Satan in hell gathering his army perfectly parallels the gathering of Saruman’s Army in LOTR TTT.  Satan and Beelzebub stand over watch of the army, just as Saruman and Wormtongue stand over the army, they both view it as the greatest army ever to exist, and finally they both view the pikemans halberds are trees in the forest covering the landscape.  This just shows the transcendence of both the story of Paradise Lost and the story of the Bible.  The next two are far more intense.  This was actually discussed in the Star Wars special I watched.  Anakin parallels both Satan and Eve very deeply.  Satan was one of God’s favorite angels, he was great and beautiful, he started to want power, this lust for power lead to his rebellion, this rebellion lead to his bounding in hell, this bounding lead to his suffering and loss of everything he once fought for.  Anakin lives this exact tale.  He is a member of the Jedi Council, one of the finest in fact, he starts to lust more power and when not granted the rank of master he rebels, he also thinks that his masters are trying to hold his back from his true potential, he lusts power and pursues that, after his rebellion he is crushed by Obi Wan and is maimed, this maiming binds him to a mechanical body, and he looses all he fought to save, Pad’me.  He also parallels Eve, as Palpatine parallels Satan.  Satan comes to Eve and presents a problem, she does not know good from evil, he presents a solution eating from the tree, he claims that God is trying to hold her back from her potential, he tells her that it will benefit her if she eats it.  Palpatine does the same thing.  He tells Anakin that Pad’me will die, he presents the solution of learning the skill of Darth Palages (saving a life), he says that the Jedi fear power and will not teach it to him, he says that if he rejects the Jedi Order he will teach it to him.  These parallels are quite interesting.  I do not know if they prove the literary skill of John Milton or the evaluation of sinful man by the Bible.



  1. Young Apprentice, making your master proud you are. Prove both, the parallels do.

  2. Thanks! Paradise lost really does trancend space and time. All in all it was worth it!

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