I hate to chew over such a unpertinent topic but I believe I must voice my opinion.  Officially I am over news.  I am over US weekly, I am over People, I am over E-xtra, I am over any other fake news production.  All we talk about is how celebrities are failing at life.  Whether is be
Paris going to prison, Hasselhoff being a binge drinker, or A-Rod and his allegations of cheating.  I mean honestly the world has become so petty and absorbed with this “news” that is overshadows real issues.  The media distorts the news yes, but at least it could distort what really matters!  I think America and humanity in general has become so news hungry that we indulge ourselves with crap.  So I beg of you, put down your tabloid, turn off Good Day LA, and put on Hannity and Coomes or Mad Money.  Like G.K. says leave the slums and enjoy the feast.  All I ask is to be aware of this insolence plaguing the media. 

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