I Want to Be A Pirate!! ARGGHH!!!

This past weekend was the opening of Pirates of the Caribbean 3.  If you don’t already know I work at a movie theater and it was insane!!  Some people lined up 6 or more hours before their shows started just to make sure that they get that center spot in the theater.  Fanatics dressed in full pirate garb complete with eye patches and peg legs.  I am not personally hardcore about Pirates but I do find it enjoyable.  One of the nights I was selling food inside the theater (yes my theater actually sells the food inside the actual auditorium) and I had a few minutes to relax.  My mind started to drift and I started to think about a lot of different things.  In our Christian society why don’t we approach God with the same earnestness as these “pirates” do to see a movie?  The passion some of these people show is overwhelming yet we don’t see much of that in our churches or even our Christian schools.  I’m not speaking as a general rule of thumb but typically many teens (including myself) haphazardly approach church with a “just here to get my brownie points” type of attitude. How can we do this?  God has so many rich things to reveal to us if we only reach out to him.  We need to approach God with the same passion and long to read the Bible, and pray, and go to church.  There is so much to be found out if we only rely on God. 


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