Celebrities Voicing Their Opinion

            Most of the time, you can turn on the news and find a new report of some celebrity giving their opinion on some political views.  They are either for the war, against the war, for same sex marriages or against, want to bring our troops home, or just hate President Bush.  But is it okay for celebrities to voice their opinion in this manner?  It is fine that they express their opinion because we have the right to, but a lot of the time they do it in a disrespectful and rude way.  They almost appear to attack people who disagree with them.  Take for example when the Dixie Chicks bashed President Bush.  It is fine if they do not agree or like Bush, but it is not okay for them to say hateful and rude things about him.  Another example that has happened recently is with the fight between Rosie O’Donnell and Elizabeth Hasslebeck of the daytime talk-show “The View.”  O’Donnell seemed to attack Hasslebeck when Hasslebeck did not agree with Rosie on her view of the troops in
Iraq.  I think it is completely acceptable and in their right for celebrities to voice their political views, but I just hope and wish that they would do it in a respectful manner. (P.S.  I do not believe that every celebrity voices their opinion in this way, just some.)


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