Which is it? All, or Nothing?

       When did we become so stupidly selfish? When did we attain infinite knowledge of what we deserve? These questions convict be because I act as if I have no problems. What do I need God for? He can help me with these issues while I deal with my other issues on my own, right? What erroneous part of my being developed this great epiphany? We are so perfect that God is not of the greatest importance in all aspects of our lives. Have we so soon forgotten? All or nothing. God does not just want our hearts while the world can have our minds. Still we all suffer from the mindset that we do not owe God everything.

            What fickle creatures humans are. Christ can have our love when the sun is shining and our disdain when a storm comes. How deprived of love are we? God sends his son to a brutal and unwarranted death to save our pathetic souls, so we curse the heavens when our lives turn wrong? No! We are so stupid. I cannot count the number of times I have blamed God for my own doing.

            I’ll blame God for the death of an unsaved family member when I never bothered to talk with them. In this case how is God uncaring? We corrupt the world and then point our fingers yelling, “Injustice!” When will someone die, or a storm rage where we yell our praise? Is it not true that, “all things work together for those who love Him?”

            We know the answer. We just need to act like it.

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