America Desensitized

It seems like America is becoming more and more desensitized to the immoral behavior in our society. Most of the movies that come out now have excessive violence, language, and sexuality, yet we have no second thought about going out to see them. Alot of the music that is being produced has alot of explicit lyrics, but we listen to it anyways. Even T.V. shows contain very offensive material , that 10 years ago would never be allowed to be shown on television, especially during prime time. Now, even the video games that are being played by our nations youth are filled with violence and sex. Its sad, but it seems like America’s morals are headed in a downward spiral, and few are standing up for what is right. We have become numb to violence, and it is accepted in our country. Our country’s media shows more violence than any other of the countries in Europe. We have to be more careful and aware to what we are setting before our eyes and hearing with our ears. We must become more sensitized to what is going on around us, so we can help put an end to it.


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