Necessary Encouragement


Human beings are curious creatures. It’s a rather amazing thing considering that mere words, a form of communication, can elevate or destroy the confidence of a person.  At times it may seem that the will to carry on can be just as difficult a task as the scaling of a mountain. 

Approaching the end of my highschool career I am faced with a challenge.  I could so easily sit back and chill out for the remainder of the year. My grades are good enough and with little effort i could stick it out and still have reasonable grades.  I am fully aware that I am not the only one faced with this option and temptation.

With this in mind I challenge you.  Is it truly worth compromising your dignity in order to just take the easy route.  As gifted young beings we should be convicted to utilize our gifts in order to glorify The Maker.  What benefit is there for just taking the lazy way.  It is in this situation that I pray for the strength to carry on, not just for myself but for my peers.   Don’t give up now.  Finish the race.  End it with a glorious sprint that can never be forgotten.

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  1. What is he doing? Is he a triathlete? He does look very happy.

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