A Hummingbird


my hummingbird

  The life of a hummingbird seems to consist of carrying out a vast amount of tasks at a very rapid pace.  Its delicate frame is maneuvered by the precipitous movement of its wings and at times it seems to freeze a moment of time as it takes an instant to collect its requisites.             

Our whole lives we are taught to carry out specific tasks which will allow us to become better fit to be able to take on more tasks at one time.  Society stresses getting as much done as possible in the little amount of time that we are given.  We maneuver from one point to the next, accounting for each second, not willing to spare a moment to breathe.  This becomes a very unfortunate predicament for us all, as we run ourselves down to our lowest points, often hurting ourselves more than any other bitter sting.             

As I was carrying out one of my tasks in life, I nearly missed a symbol of great importance.  A mirror image of myself.  I assumed he had felt the bitter sting I felt, wanting to make the impossible, possible.  He had run out of liveliness, for he had put all his energy into carrying out the “requisite” tasks of life, that he now was hopelessly hanging on to life.  His life’s flame was about to be snuffed out.             

The life of a hummingbird rapidly ends.  Like the hummingbird, my life is temporary and quick.  I get so caught up in the important tasks of life that I forget to live life.  God is good. He has given me life, not to carry out pointless tasks, but to glorify Him.  God used that hummingbird as a symbol to remind me to breathe, to realize that I cannot take on anything alone.  He is my source of life, and if I overlook my source of life, I will soon become like that hummingbird, grasping onto any flicker of life that is left. 


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  1. Did he survived it?
    (Sutch lovely littel animaly a proof of nature engeneering and it’s incredible complexety)

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