An Enlightening Thought…

Recently, it seems that there has been an inescapable subject everywhere I go. At least it seems that way. Perhaps it had been there before, but because my mind wasn’t necessarily inclined to notice the matter it may have just gone right over my head. It truly seems that the conversation in regards to the problem of evil.

Just as I believe any Christian should struggle through the facets of his beliefs, I have found myself seriously challenging my own beliefs. This Sunday I was blessed to hear a great metaphor that helped to give light to the subject and a little more understanding.

There was a man that was in dire need of a haircut. His lovely locks were no longer lovely and he was starting to take on the shaggy look that no small business executive should ever have. So in order to restore his classy business man look, he took a trip to the barbershop (just as any man who knows the value of a buck would.) Being nothing more than an ordinary man at heart, he took a dive into a fantastic conversation with his barber, the man that you always feel you can trust. Conversation was refreshing, talking about life, politics, and other sorts of general small talk. Eventually, the conversation turned to religion. The business man was a believer, and a strong leader in the local church. Being aware of the religious beliefs held by the man, the barber made a bold statement along the lines that he could never believe in God simply due to the fact that suffering exists. The barber said that God cold not exist because innocent people are forced to endure the struggles of life all around the globe. Though the man desired to defend his beliefs, emotions could run high, and the barber was cutting his hair with very sharp sheers and the man would probably want to keep his ears. The man let the conversation pass, and finished out the haircut and paid the barber.
As he walked out the door, he noticed a man that was scraggly and obviously not had had the most fortunate series of events go his way. The homeless man looked as if he hadn’t had a haircut in months. Then the business man had an epiphany. He quickly ran back into the barbershop. And he told the barber this, “I do not believe barbers don’t exist.”
The barber responded with, “How can you say such things? I just cut your hair. You just paid me. How can you say that barber’s don’t exist?”
The business man concluded with this, “I just saw a man that was in dire need of a haircut. Obviously he hasn’t had one. So, I don’t believe that barbers exist.”


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