Abortion Bombings

As I was reading the news today, I came across an article which covered a story about a bomb planted in an abortion clinic. As I read this, it made me think about all of the “Christians” in the past who have done this,  and how they believe they were doing the right thing.  Some people honestly think they have the right to plant these bombs to take the lives of abortionists and those who are having abortions. Now, do not get me wrong, I believe abortion to be completely morally wrong on every level, but I do not understand how people honestly think that it is their right to take the lives of those around us.  Although these doctors are committing murderous acts, God did not give us the authority to carry out His punishments.  God has given us direct orders to follow the law of our government, unless they go directly against His commands, and last time I checked, murder is defintley not legal in America.

I have heard Christians  on T.V. say in the past that we should have the right to kill those who defile God’s law, but I honestly have no idea where they would have gotten this idea. Christianity teaches to  but to hate the sin committed, but to love the person who is sinning. By murdering people that they believe deserve to die, they are not only committing a sin, but also turning others away from the idea of Christianity. Its “Christians”  like these who are giving other Christians a bad name, when is reality they are disobeying the laws of Christianity. They make it seem like our faith is full of chauvinistic hypoctrites who belive that they are perfect, and are better than everyone else.  I guess that my point is that we as Christians need to be more accepting of those who are not in our faith. We need to show love to all our neighbors, regardless of religious affiliation and moral behavior.


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