I have thought about her ever since I was a little kid.  Will she be kind, loving, and HOT!  (Just kidding, but really if she’s not hot she can just pack her bags and leaveJ)  Okay, I’ve had my fun, now let’s get serious.  I’m talking about my future wife if you didn’t catch on.  Here I go, I’m about to sound VERY girly…are you ready?…I don’t think you are….Haven’t you daydreamed about your future spouse?  Stayed up all night long thinking about your future with them and wondering if you will have a beautiful marriage with a perfect life?  I have.  Actually this is what I was thinking about today.  

     Working at a movie theater I get to see a lot of bad dates.  Imagine this: Couple walks up to the Box Office and the guy asks for two tickets for whatever.  I tell them the total amount it is and both of them just stand there.  The guy and the girl look at each other as if saying with there eyes, “Aren’t you going to pay?!”  And like clockwork, the guy haphazardly reaches for his wallet and looks for that 20 bucks he supposedly had.  The girl is already frustrated at this point and gets her wallet out and pays me.  The guy then thanks the girl and gives her a kiss on the cheek as the girl rolls her eyes and they quickly walk away.  Let’s just say this happens quite frequently.  What I’m getting at is that there is a lot of good dates I see as well.  The man acting like the perfect gentleman and the girl being grateful and giving as well. 

     All of that to say I want to be the second couple.  I want to be able to go out in public and be able to show my love to her in every way that I can.  I know the only way that we will have that great relationship is if we keep God in the center of our relationship.  That’s what I’m afraid of.  Finding a girl that is completely passionate for Christ.  I want a girl that is able to support me in my relationship with God and vice versa.  Looking out into this demoralizing world just scares me.  Are there any more of these women out there?  I hope so.  I can’t compromise this part of the relationship no matter how “picky” it may seem.  

Please God, I know my life is in your hands and I pray you may bless me with an upright woman that is right in your eyes.  Help me too to become the upright man that you have called me to be.  Amen

Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised (Proverbs 31:30)



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