The Spirit of a Child

The adventurous outlook on the world is what I miss most about being a child. Of course I still long for adventures outside of my present environment, but as a child I was completely content with the environment I was in.

I recently went to the park with two children whom I often baby sit. As they explored the nature around them, I sat on the grass and stared into the hills imagining a place other than where I presently was, disregarding all the adventure right in front of me. Luckily, I had my two little friends there to remind me that right in front of me was an acute world of adventure. We climbed trees, jumped in piles of leaves, and slid down dirt hills on our bottoms, giggling all the way down.

I wish I could have the spirit of a child, always satisfied with what God has to offer them. It is always good to be reminded to embrace what has been given, whether it be little to nothing, or in great abundance.

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  1. So often we forget to appreciate whats right in front of us. We need to soak up every moment and every chance we get to admire God’s creation. The simple pleasures in life are much more memorable then the glamorous things that give you momentary satisfaction.

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