The Festering Wound (A Comment)

I attempted to put this video as a comment to jruxor’s courageous post yesterday, but the comments box couldn’t handle it. Lust is not new to the scene. History displays our hedonistic nature’s supreme desire for pleasure in sexual gratification, but if you remember C. S. Lewis’ comment this should not be surprising:

If we find within ourself a desire which no experience in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that we are made for another world. (Mere Christianity, Book III, chapter 10, para. 5)

Yes, I just implied that our desire for sexual pleasure reveals an innate longing for heaven. This is a two minute excerpt from a sermon by John Piper, and I believe, if truly considered and understood, it is absolutely revolutionary.

There are many more of Piper’s sermon videos on YouTube. You can read and hear more from this series at his website.


  1. I still beat you in views!! HA!

  2. Wow code doesnt work in comments??? Ah well ill tell you I have 7k views on my halo montage… Just one of em like 10k combined i think… In other words 2nd best Halo 1 montage PC or Xbox out there!! w00t! Just figured I would gloat…

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