My hopes…

I am home sick from school with a sinus infection.  I thought all I would do is play massive amounts of video games.  However I have been blogging since I got up.  I started a abortion question with Fitnessfortheoccasion.  Now I thought I knew it all.  Nandor gave me a very solid foundation.  However even though, not to brag, I believe I have perfectly represented Nandors argument and it isn’t sufficient.  Please I beg of all of you take every single opportunity you can to prepare yourselves for life.  Talk to people with differing views.  Granted you might have times of doubt because you cannot solve the answers.  But can you really truly go into the world believing something that has never stood the test of argument.  I am not saying go on an argue spree I am saying test yourselves now when you have the wonderful resources of our Bible department.  It is on going I have not been beat.  Sorry for this relatively mushy post however I have gotten so much out of taking this a step further.  God gave his best for you, give your best for him. 



  1. I am not familiar with the ins and outs of Nandor’s argument but after reading your comments I don’t see any logical fallacies in your argument. I do not know where his stops and yours starts but don’t be discouraged by somebody that simply says you are “ignorant” without actually telling you why or how so.

    Personhood is the ultimate question and you went there. Bravo. Keep it up.

    As for arguing, check out this link for a little comic relief and maybe even a minor gut/reality-check:

  2. Well thank you. He is just taking a more emotional path than Nandor, he focuses more on special cases, something we dealt with alot less. However i found something of interest. I accidently when to, on accident and it goes to one of the stupid link websites and they are all antiabortion! Mabye I am making a splash?

  3. I think it is a great idea to talk to people with differing views and to be accepting their views as well. I think a problem with a lot of Christian’s is that we are too quick to judge which gives us a bad name. Do your research and approach people’s beliefs with respect, but try your best to protray truth in all you do and say.

  4. I am constantly aware of the fact that I do not know enough to defend what I believe. I realize the answers are at my fingertips but I find it hard to become interested unless I am faced with a specific issue in real life. We have been taught many solid arguments, but how many will we remember? If words get twisted enough will we be able to reply? Teachers say that college is the place we will be tested in our faith most. This makes me nervous. We really do need to take advantage of the opportunities we have right now.

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