Where Can Happiness Be Found?

Are you ever content with your life, or do you believe that you need to keep pushing forward?  I heard a form of this question asked at church one day and it made me think a bit.  Am I happy with where I am in my life right now?  Are you? 

There is no possible way that I can be fully satisfied with my life right now.  There is always more out there to push forward to understand, we just have to make an effort to go out and get it.  No one is perfect, therefore we must push for perfection.  As I look out into the world today there are many people that say they are content with their life right now, many Christians say this. 

The only time that someone can be fully content is when they are in heaven with Christ.  No worldly pleasure can give you full contentment, for these desires will all go away after we die.  We should seek the Lord and grow in knowledge of Him so that we may fully understand what true happiness is.  If you are fully content with your life, then keep on living the way you do; but if you want happiness then seek God and grow in knowledge of Him, because the only answer to eternal enjoyment is God!

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  1. *chin stroke* Interesting… We often forget to take a step back from our lives and forget which direction we’re heading. It’s refreshing every now and then to reevaluate ourselves and see where we are lacking. I think perfection should be strived for, but you have to keep in mind that you will never reach it in this life. So don’t be disappointed when you find yourself lacking in some area. Take it instead as encouragement.

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