The Happiest Place on Earth

I am constantly shocked by what is allowed to be aired on national television.  I recently heard the boundaries that MTV is supposed to abide by and I was stunned. Not only is just about every show these days consumed with sexual innuendoes, blasphemy, and profanity, but if they are not they will face rejection. Where will it stop? The style of bathing suit has changed dramatically over the years becoming more and more provocative. I guess these things just become accepted over time.

This brings me to my title: Disneyland. Why is Disneyland considered the happiest place on earth? I honestly think that the reason is that the entire theme park is rated PG. It is an extremely popular vacationing spot for many Americans. Though Disneyland has been brought down by rumors of improper drawings in a few movies it still recruits nearly thousands of Americans a day. I believe this is based upon the innocently inspired imagination it condones. There is no tolerated immoral use of profanity or sexuality.

My conclusion? There really isn’t one. We can’t stop the media from attempting to brainwash the youth of America into thinking certain things are ‘cool’. I can’t even truthfully say that I don’t watch MTV. I don’t think I’ve missed a Real World season since seventh grade. We need to be more cautious as to what images we put in our heads. And, in the end, glorify God with everything we do.


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  1. I completely agree with what you are saying. These days more and more improper behavior and lifestyles are being accepted, and its really sickening. You make a really good point as to why people like disneyland so much, it really does seem to be because it is so conservative. I hope that people become awakened to this growing trend, so that the future does not have even worse standards than we do now.

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