The Bible’s SEXIEST Book???

I recently read an article on “the Bible’s sexiest book.” The author begins the first paragraph by comparing the Bible with his grandmother’s basement and ends the paragraph by comparing Song of Solomon with a description of erotica. From the beginning of this article I read how ridiculously the author described the Word of God, yet I had to finish the article in order to see what would possess anyone to so foolishly take a beautiful collection of love poems between a husband and wife, which celebrates the sexual fidelity God intended for marriage, and measure it down to nothing more than a seductive article in a magazine found at any newsstand.“According to the most common interpretation, the Song of Solomon is a collection of love poems between a man and a woman. God established marriage, including the physical union of husband and wife (gen. 2:18-25), and Israelite wisdom literature treasures the aspect of marriage as the appropriate expression of human sexuality (Prov. 5:15-20). This kind of love between husband and wife creates a bond that is ‘strong and death’ (Song of Solomon 8:6), and the Song of Solomon celebrates such passionate love.” According to the author, the Song of Solomon contains “lusty images and panting verses” which have nothing to do with religious orientation. “This is sexy time. This is the Last Tango in Judah.”

What’s more, he refers to a woman’s virginity as something to be “careful” with; only give it away when you “fall in love.” In other words, virginity is a gift to the person you are ready to give it to, regardless of marriage. He takes this verse extremely out of context with the passage, because it is clear that that the true author of this passage is intending that sex should be a gift to your husband and husband only (or wife).

I continued to read through the article and time and time again I was shocked by the many misinterpretations of this beautiful book. I was not only shocked, but saddened by this man’s blindness to the beauty which God intended sex to be. Sex is one of the most sacred things between husband and wife, and should not be taken lightly. In today’s society virginity is taken very dispassionately. We live in a world which incorporates sex in everything we see and do (hence, the Bible’s sexiest book), but we must not fall into the ways of this world. For the ways of this world will only lead us to destruction.

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