Most people in our generation have some type of blog, live journal, or myspace page, but are they safe.  In a report from, it talks about people posing as celebrities on myspace.  We all know that we should not talk to strangers and be careful of predators on the internet, but what if we get a message from a name that we recognize, like a celebrity’s.  Most people would probably think that it’s a fake, but not everyone is that smart, especially younger kids.  I think that it is very important that the young kids who are using these sites should be supervised.  They should not be allowed to stay on for hours and talk to anyone that comes along.  Most young kids do not have the knowledge or wisdom to make right choices in these situations, especially if their “favorite actor” who they think is so hott and cute leaves a message for them.  They get distracted way too easily and have more of a likelihood to make dumb decisions.  It is imperative that young kids who have myspaces or livejournals are supervised so they do not get themselves into serious trouble.,2933,267500,00.html


  1. Good point. Many young kids don’t really understand the reality of predators on the Internet. I agree that supervision should be required for people too naive to make decisions as to who they talk to on the Internet. It is a growing problem in our society and we should take the necessary precautions to protect our youth.

  2. It seems like everyone has a myspace today..but many dont understand the danger in it. This blog is just a reminder for everyone to be careful. So people take precausion!

  3. After conversation with Zasz… I’m not gonna steal all the thunder on this, we came up with this together.
    Two things:
    1. The cases in which there has been sexual abuse are something to be considered. We talk about the possibilities of rape and such, but what really are the types of cases that we are dealing with? And how many cases have there been in the last few years of existence? I’m going out on a whim to say that most of these cases are cases of date rape or such, which leads me to number two…
    2. So anyone who has a Myspace should recall that moment in which they agreed to being above the age of sixteen. This is a legally binding agreement and lying thus forth is purgery(against the law). So you may think that kids should still be monitored by their parents, correct me if I’m wrong, but in most parts of the U.S. kids can test for their driver’s license at this age. Is sixteen not a high enough age for an age of accountability? You may say that kids may not be able to handle the responsibility behind such a powerful thing. But consider the common knife. Imagine your day without a knife, try cutting your food with a spoon and fork, guaranteed twice the efficiency. Right? No. The knife is a valuable tool for eating and preparing food, working with wood and other handyman style things. But it can also be a very effective weapon in ending a life. Why condemn something that could be good just because a few bad things happen?
    “Why condemn an entire civilization just because it fails to bring one sacrifice to the altar of atonement?”
    – Myst XXIII

  4. touche! and the knife analogy is brilliant. i’m still not a fan of the site, but your point is true.

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