Junk Food In Schools

            When someone thinks of cafeteria food, they usually will think of mystery meat or disgusting food.  But many schools are changing their menus to include healthy, nutritious meals.  But some parents feel that they are being “undermined” of their authority to choose what their child eats because of vending machines offering junk food and sodas to the students.  Many parents feel that soda and junk food should be banned entirely from the school premises.

            A question these parents need to ask themselves is “Are they taking this too far?”  Of course it is important to protect children from obesity and unhealthy eating habits, but by taking away the junk food and soda entirely are the children going to be able to learn how to make healthy choices for themselves?  If they are constantly being told what to eat by their parents and their school how will they be able to make those choices when they are older?  I think that healthy meals are a great idea, but instead of entirely removing junk food and soda, we should teach the students how to eat those in moderation and how to make healthy eating choices.



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  1. This is a very good point. Obesity seems to be an epidemic today in America. The offering of junk food does have something to do with it, but self-control is a big issue. Students need to be taught how to eat and that some junk food is not necessarily bad, in moderation. It is a great idea for schools to begin offering healthier food choices.

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