Ok I’ve got something on my mind that needs to be shed off. It bogged me down this weekend and I finally came to peace with it yesterday. So lets begin the shedding.

I have to many times felt proud in my own abilities. I flaunt in my love for knowledge (not that its bad), I boast in my arguments, and yet I know SO little. There is so much beautiful, secret, protected, mystery woven into life. So many doctrines that I know, but so little I come even near wrapping my head around! So many basic things in life that are quintessential to everyday living are absolutely insane! Think about light, its very existence in itself is incredible. And our eyes, how they translate that light wave into images that our brains can comprehend and remember and store and recover when needed. The list of miracles go on and on.

So you may be thinking, “yea well what is your point? I know the world is complex.” Well this is my point. You are small. You are no larger than a grain of sand lying still in the midst of crashing tides. And yet. Get this. We can experience! We can do know! We can understand some of that crashing tide that pours over us. And that is what I had to come to terms with this weekend. I felt crushed by the amount of knowledge and information out there just floating and waiting for me to find it. I felt hopeless in even getting to it, and if I did that I could not possible begin to grasp it. But I can. We can. And we are called to do so. We have to stretch our minds and our will. To love our God with our minds is just the beginning but it is a step, and a very necessary step. So don’t let anyone tell you that God is beyond comprehension and let it push you down, because he is available to us. He is crashing over us. Let Him poor over you, don’t burry yourself in the depths of ignorance.


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