The price of college has sky-rocketed to outrageous amounts in the last few years.  The prices “average more than $22,000 for private schools and almost $6,000 for state schools.”(Fox News)  This has caused many people to speculate if the students should get a “free ride through college” or if they should pay for some of the cost themselves.

I think it is important for the students themselves to pay for a portion of their higher education.  For most of our lives from birth to high school we have been taken care of by our parents.  Most of us never had to pay for our own food, clothing, shelter, etc. But as a result we have learned to rely on our parents to take care of our every need.  As we make the leap into the adult world of college, we need to sever that tie to our parents.  It is fine to still require them sometimes, but we need to become more independent and responsible so we will be ready for the “real world.”,2933,259584,00.html


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