A Disgrace to Christianity

This article is an anecdote of a person whose show was ruined by a group of Christians.  These Christians went into the performance and poured water all over his original show outline.  This act is a disgrace to Christianity everywhere.  This group of Christians might have thought they were doing something good because they didn’t agree with the show, but they were wrong.  As Christians we should love others so that we could open their hearts and eyes to Christ.  But by destroying someone work you are just setting yourself up for them to hate and reject anything you have to say to them.  When you attack someone physically, emotionally, or mentally they are not going to be willingly to listen to you because they will just think of you as hypocrite.  And now because of this group, the person whose work got destroyed is always going associate Christianity with this group and what they did to him, closing the door for other Christians to witness to him.  I think it is really important as Christians to love others and adopt the way of Christ.  Would Christ have poured water over that person’s work? No.  Christ would have talked to him and shown love and concern for him.  And that is exactly what this group of Christians should have done.



  1. Agreed. We need to be careful as to how we portray ourselves to other people. Each interaction is an opportunity to reach a heart for God. There is no better way to reach someone than to show them the love of Christ.

  2. I looked at the post. The last comment said the group was not a Christian group, but an angry group of people from a local choir attached to a public school. I don’t know who’s right, but I think it’s always helpful to know exactly what is meant when someone uses the term “Christian organization.”

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