Who’s Up for a Duel?

As I’m sure many of you already know, some of our blogs have recently been called into question by someone with very different opinions than our own. That person is by all means entitled to their own opinion, and I’m actually quite glad he came to our site to express said opinions. Some good questions have been asked, and I think that we should answer them. This situation reminds me of a book I just finished reading by G.K. Chesterton called The Ball and the Cross. Before I go any further, let me just say that G.K. is AMAZING! Holy cow that man can write! He is both poetic and symbolic, and at the same time as concrete as the firmness of the earth. I strongly suggest that you all start reading him if you’re looking for something to inspire and entertain.

That being said, let me get back to the point I was making. Our current situation reminds me of G.K.’s book because of the whole idea of fighting for what you believe in. The plot, in barbarically shortened synopsis, goes like this: There are two men, one named MacIan and the other called Turnbull. MacIan is a zealous Catholic while Turnbull is a devout atheist. While passing by a window of Turnbull’s editorial shop, MacIan notices an article Turnbull has written which denounces the Virgin Mary, among other things. Firmly enraged, MacIan breaks a window and proclaims his offense to Turnbull. Through various and sundry events MacIan challenges Turnbull to a duel, and Turnbull, who has been looking to offend someone his entire life, promptly accepts. The rest of the book chronicles the duel they try to have, which is constantly being broken up by the authorities, whom G.K. portrays as the world trying to interfere with men standing up for their convictions. It’s all wonderfully complex and surprising, but the point is, these two men have a difference of opinion, and they believe so strongly in their faiths that they are willing to fight and die for it. That is conviction.

The question is, are we that convicted? I’m not suggesting we go out and challenge people to actually fight to the death simply because they have a different opinion than our own (misleading title, I know, but I had to capture your interest somehow). However, what I am suggesting is that we have intellectual duels, a fight of the mind if you will. We, like Turnbull and MacIan, have the ability to fight for what we believe in. And as I believe in a world of absolute and objective truths,  I am convinced that we should fight for our beliefs, and what’s more, I believe we should win. Not for winning’s sake or merely because we’re right, but because we know the most important truth about life, and that truth is so precious that we should be tearing ourselves to pieces in desperation because we want everyone to have the truth that badly. That is why we need to duel, not for a victory of ourselves, but for the victory of Christ.

Oh, and just for the record, I don’t actually consider human lives as insignificant as eggs, I was just trying to make a point using a blunt metaphor.   



  1. Excellent metaphor with the authorities being the world braking up the fight.
    I hate confrontations but in cases such as these they are more than necessary. I’m tired of being the “Christian” who stays quiet when someone brings up evolution or the problem of evil. We need to do more.
    While it isn’t considered “politically correct” now to offend people, I think I am ready to do just that.
    I am ready to square off with another belief in hopes that I can win them over, or if not find an answer to their questions.
    Let’s stop taking it easy and allowing the world to interfere. We are without excuse, and there is no reason to be afraid of opposition. I think I read somewhere once, “Blessed are you when people persecute you because of me.”
    So what’s stopping us?

  2. For starters, I like the old blog theme better. It is easier to read.

    As for The Ball and the Cross…G.K.’s main point, if I may be so bold as to say he ever wrote with just one main point, is that men would care enough about their opinions to actually fight about them. Hence, the multitudes of characters from all facets of society being appalled that men actually want to duel over silly little religious quibbles.

    Remember however, that Peter calls us to always be ready to give an account for the hope that is within us with all GENTLENESS. It is easy, in the midst of zeal, to come across as a hostile jerk…I should know.

  3. I know… It’s hard to not be overcome with religious zeal and write scathing responses to everything that disagrees with my opinion. Being opinionated is tough sometimes… It’s hard to restrain the argumentative beast within. It’s something I constantly have to remind myself to work at and ask the Spirit to help me with.

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