Tom Leykis (asks the famous question)

Call me unchristian but I listen to Tom Leykis.  He loves premarital sex, swearing, cheating, lying, and getting something for nothing at the cost of others.  However this is what the world is made of and if we isolate ourselves we will be crushed when we enter the real world.  I was listening to him today in the aftermath of the VT tragedies.  He is a very intelligent man and like most intelligent people asked the problem of evil.  He made the very simple claim; God is good, God is all powerful, yet suffering persists.   Very simple and very deadly to Christianity if you cannot refute it.  A “Christian” called in and he destroyed her.  He used fine logic and she used filth.  He claimed that the problem of evil is why he is an atheist and why Christianity makes no sense.  He went so far as to say anyone who is a Christian bases everything on emotion not logic and is an idiot.  Well I agree with his first two points.  God is good.  God is all powerful.  However I have to add a few more points.  God is just.  Man is evil.  Very simply, God is perfect and judges imperfection, that is why Satan was thrown out of heaven, and since we are evil that is why we need His sons perfect sacrifice to allow our passage into heaven.  If we are evil and deserve absolute judgment tragedies like these are only a glimpse of what it could be.  Imagine if God didn’t restrain the evil of this world.  It would be nearly instant destruction.  Everyone would serve only himself and would all die a very miserable and lonely death.  To conclude God spares us from destruction to serve him on earth, and judges us to drive us to repentance.  In the end ask not why God allows suffering; ask why God shows so much mercy. 

P.S. anyone who claims God didn’t cause this great tragedy denies the providence of God, and anyone who says that man is innocent and isn’t deserving of suffering denies God’s absolute goodness.


  1. God caused the VT tragedy? Or caused evil? And how do you mean “caused.” “God is light and in Him there is no darkness or shifting shadow.” – Paraphrase of somwhere in 1 John I think.

  2. Is there a problem with God causing the tragedy? We are sinful. God is just. We deserve it. God did not cause sin because he cannot sin. If God didnt cause the tragedy, then the lack of God’s restraining work did. He only let us destroy ourselves. Which we ultimatly deserve. There is nothing wrong with the tragedy unless we are innocent. We are not by any stretch of the imgination innocent.

  3. There is not a problem at all with God ordaining calamity and tragedy. There is all the problem in the world to say that God “caused” the VT shootings.

  4. My question is God can send a human being to eternal damnation and seperation from him. Eternal suffering as painful and horrible as imaginable. Yet he cannot kill sinful man?

  5. he has killed sinful man look in genisis 19 he rained down sulphur and brimstone on sodom and Gomorrah. also when the Israelites into the hands of their enemies as punishment. if god let sinful people kill his own chosen people couldn’t god use a man to kill to fufill his plan?

  6. Sure. God frequently used pagan nations to judge Israel. But the question is, did God “cause” these actions? If so, in what sense did he “cause” them?

  7. in my thoughts “using” would be the same as” caused”. I will use a real life example to prove my point. During huricane Katrina the mayor of New Orlenes “used” the funds ment for national disaster for something else which, when the disaster struck that “caused” a catastrophe. much like god “used” the pagan nations to punish Israel. wouldn’t that mean God Caused it to happen.

  8. Your example is sort of unclear. It seems that you are saying that God misused his goodness elsewhere and didn’t have enough left over to help Israel out when pagans attacked. So does God cause calamity by abdication of responsibility?

  9. And who the heck I am talking to?

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