Moses vs. Me

As humans, we have inherited a selfish nature. Thoughts of ourselves our endless and constant. We fill our schedules with appointments and activities that please or better ourselves. Think about how many things you do every day that are for yourself, as opposed to helping or spending time with someone else.
I was very consumed with worrying about some things last night as the news caught my attention. They began to cover the story about the shooting at Virginia Tech. Here I am, getting ready to eat a meal with my family, while thirty-two parents and families have no option of ever seeing one of their family members again. I was convicted and my thoughts completely turned around. Does it really take a shooting across the country for me to actually think about others?
“Now the man Moses was very meek, more than all people who were on the face of the earth.” –Numbers 12:3
God recognized Moses as humble and selfless. This past Saturday night, Francis Chan asked the question, “How amazing would it be for God to call you the most humble person on earth?” I desire that kind of intimacy with God. My thoughts need to be redirected toward others and God.


  1. What you said was very relevant to the article we read today in Bible. We are to seek out joy in life, the true joy that can only be found in our Creator. But we must see life for all that it is and not hide in our shame and fear – we had our chance to live in naive ignorance that was bliss unimaginable: sadly our childhood is but a memory now. Now we must open ourselves up to this world and see it entirely: doctrine given to us by God and the events and relation we have to the world God placed us in. Henceforth we should break our comfort zones (cliche i know) and seek to be less selfish and strive to explore life as God intended.

  2. I heard the same message at the Sunday service, Katie. It was pretty awesome I have to admit. The fact that God, the ruler and creator of the ENTIRE universe, would say that Moses is the most humble man on the face of the earth. How crazy is that! It blows my mind to think about how close of a relationship Moses must have had with God. It is something worth envying, and I do envy it.

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