Devils Advocate?!?

           Well today was great, scary, frustrating, tiring, and all together interesting.  However there was one thing that really hit home.  During English today the basic arguments started.  Someone says a very fluffy emotional comment about spirituality and I decide to counter it with some crazy atheist logic just for kicks and giggles.  Of course I believe in what they are saying but I love a good debate.  Well today was different.  I proposed a problem in the Privation of Evil Theory to argue with Mark.  However after what I thought was just a quick trip down atheism lane I started to see my argument was quite good.  If you’re in the class stick with me I have a point, eventually.  Well I continued to argue as usual.  However we left the class with me correct, and the Privation Theory of Evil totally null and void.  I then realized I had undermined Christian theology.  I started to get worried, I didn’t think I stumped the masters but I defiantly gave them a run for their money.  Well after about 3 hours of intense thinking I may have figured out my argument and the hole therein.   I will not go into the solution or the problem but I learned a valuable lesson today.  That to truly know what I believe and why I believe it I must fully understand the opposition and unravel my own argument and build it back up before I can truly say I believe it. 



  1. Yea I would really like to here the holes you found in your arguement. I found some, but had absolutly no opportunity to voice it. So please expand, probably better to do in person though.

  2. AH! I want to hear yours. I thought it was pretty airtight….

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