Video games…?


Now we all have played our share of violent video games.  Honestly I love them.  There is something fun about stealing cars and driving speeds that are well into the triple digits.  Or perhaps, a little bit of shooting.  Despite the cause for killing, good or bad, alien or human, shooting and blowing things up is a blast [Even at the world renounced Disneyland, there is a ride that features guns and shooting].  More and more people are beginning to play video games, and at younger ages.  And just as the people making these games rejoice in the cashflow, social critics wince in pain.

Unfortunately, we have had a terrible thing happen recently.  My condolences go out to all the families that were affected by the tragedy, and I thank Androo for talking about the subject.  It’s a terrible thing.  And whenever people here about such events the first thing they want to know is why someone would do such a thing.  But we really can’t know.  So people always try and put a finger on the problem and why things happen.

I can’t answer why someone would commit such acts,  If you asked the man who did it; chances are he may not know why HE did it.  I’ve been pondering this question: “Why do we see these shootings happening now? And where were they 50 years ago?”

  • Some will say that the sheer population difference is larger and that just increases the shot at producing ‘mentally instabity’ in and among people…
  • Some will say that the reason is the poor family values.  Increased divorce rates. More and more children being raised without fathers…
  • But some will say that it is because of the videogames that kids play…

One huge social critic and huge supporter of the final theory is Jack Thompson.  Political activists and attorney Jack Thompson was giving his opinion on Fox News within 8 hours of the devestating event at Virginia Tech.  With something happening involving young people, J. Thompson was all over jumping on video games.  I’m willing to agree that our generation is affected by video games, but souly devoting the blame to that single thing is too much.

[Really, I was hoping that this would spark up conversation in the comment section.  I kinda want to hear opinions. My mother agrees with J. Thomp and I am curious about everyone else…]


  1. I agree with you John. Video games are affecting our generation and some people are definitely taking them too far, some very disturbing cases come to mind.. But if we allow them to devour us, it is no different than someone who has become dependent on sports, alcohol, gambling, sex or money. These things are not wholly evil things, but taken too far can lead to sever consequences that people publicize and downplay many for, and video games are just one more kind of entertainment that an elite group are deciding to downplay.

  2. While many games are absolutely harmless, where is the value of games that are filled with graphic shooting and murders? I know they are pretend, but our brains still absorb it all. I think people should seriously consider what they are putting before their eyes- Philippians 4:8

  3. Hmmm… this is a tough one. I tend to lean a little both ways. I’m also biased becasue I like violent video games just as much as John does, if not more so. But there are defintely times when I’ve had to take a step back and tell myself, “What are you doing? This is garbage.” I would say that video games are partially responsible for why people are so violent and desensitized these days, but video games are only a piece of the puzzle. Consider movies, comic books, tv shows, the news, and yes, even Disneyland. You really can’t just zero in on video games, because it’s like trying to bake a cake using only one ingredient; there’s more to the equation. Also, I think that where you should draw the line for violence really depends on the person. Not everyone has the same standards. Just my 2 cents

  4. I agree with Marc, when you blame anything on a specific event or object it is garbage, it is an equation with many variables. To comment on violent video games; as nerdy as this sounds videogames have real life significance. Halo for example has huge team building skills involved. At a low level it is point and shoot violence. However at a higher level complex team work and communication, along with planning discipline and careful execution all come into play. Anyone who has played a game of Star Craft realizes that video games require large amount of thought and cannot be judged merely by their cover. Like a great philosopher (or a writer for Gamer Pro magazine) said if all you ever saw was people watching movies, not the movies only the people watching them. You would view movies as something that causes binge eating, wasteful relaxation, sexual promiscuity, and vulgarity. However if you take the time to watch a movie you see how good it can be. Same with video games, do not judge unless you have played. Not Tetris or a game of Super Smash Bro’s but completive gaming. Yes I would know I had a team, with multiple a week practices. Just like a sports team no practice you don’t play in the games. Violence is present in all aspects of culture the positive and negatives must be weighed.
    P.S. I have montages from my Halo PC days.

  5. video games are cool but some are gay

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