So I have ran across this band that is… hmm. i guess you could say strange. They are a group of Christian guys who have come together to form a band called Mute Math. They kind of throw in a whole bunch of musical influences, ranging from Bjork to Sting and Police, make it sound pretty good for the most part. A few songs just dont settle with me too much but overall they do. Now what makes this band stand out in my mind is not just their unique style but their courage. For a while Mute Math could not release their album because their record label just didnt know how to market them. No corprate executive could figure out if they could be marketed to the mainstream secular industry or just what exactly to do with a band whose lead singer plays the keytar! After a few years of waiting their album was finally released. Mute Math final had the chance to show they werent the typical band. As a matter of fact they made a song that speaks directly to being different. It asks for people to get a dream, to not sit and wait to be somebody. And their music video even exemplifies the whole theme even more. So here you go. Watch it and see for yourself.

Click here to watch it!


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  1. Forgive me if I sound harsh initially. I think it’s cool that you talked about a band that defies the norm, but what about how that applies to us? I like your idea, but you should develop it a bit more. That being said, I really like the video. It is definitely not typical, especially the end where they’re all trapped in sleeping bags. Weird! But cool. I like their sound alot. I always wonder where you hear about bands like this. Props on discovering them.

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