Fighting for God?

I recently read a article in Rolling Stone magazine called Teenage Holy War by Jeff Sharlet. While there are some positive features about what is going on with BattleCry, a Christian organization started by Ron Luce that trains teenagers to be prepared for the spiritual battle in the real world, I could not help but feel like everything I was reading was a façade. Although I am sure that the way Rolling Stone portrayed BattleCry definitely affected my view, it still just sounded more like a cult than a positive Christian organization.

             “This is how you enlist in the Army of God: First come the fireworks and the prayers, and then 4,000 kids scream, “We won’t be silent anymore!” Then the kids drop to their knees, still but for the weeping and regrets of fifteen-year-olds. The lights in the Cleveland arena fade to blue, and a man on the stage whispers to them about sin and love and the Father-God. They rise, heartened; the crowd, en masse, swears off “harlots and adultery”; the twenty-one-year-old MC twitches taut a chain across the butt of her skintight red jeans and summons the followers to show off their best dance moves for God. “Gimme what you got!” she shouts.” 

Sound a bit over the top to anyone else? Although, according to the article thousands of teens have flocked to the organization, and have given up the things that corrupt their world. Pieces of paper with the words sex, drugs, alcohol, rap and rock artists, and even brand names are among the things that are tossed into a garbage can by teens at the rallies. Getting rid of the things that corrupt your life is a good thing. Holding a protest on the streets of San Francisco yelling that gays are wrong is not a good thing. This gives people the wrong idea about Christians. It shows them as hostile and unkind. I am all for standing up for what you believe in and witnessing to people who are gay, but you are closing doors when you do it with such a harsh public statement. BattleCry has good intentions, and has been a positive impact in the lives of many teens. I just hope that they are being careful of the image they are setting for Christians.



  1. Stef, Glad that you ‘gave them what you got’ to say.

    Seriously, kinda ridiculous. Important to remember that we represent Christ. And we are to resemble Him.
    Good Call

  2. The passion of this BattleCry is fierce and intent, but misguided. They are addressing vital issues that America is facing today and is being drug under by, but in a way that is not honoring to God. We should be proclaiming truth to our brothers and sisters in a loving way. This means all of the ways that we are tempted by. I am glad this organization is addressing the Gay issue, but their manner is not desirable. More organizations should be as bold as them to preach that the lifestyle of being gay is disgusting to God and should be turned away from. Hurting people’s feelings is a common side effect of a good dose of the truth. No one wants to hear they’re going to hell and no one wants to be told that their sexual preference can condemn them. It is not the act of living a gay lifestyle but the shunning of repentance in view of the truth that i believe can condemn one for his sin. We are all sinful people that are tempted every day, but once a sin is revealed to us we must strive to distance ourself from it, if not we can only push ourselves away from God. Ere go, i believe that an actively repentant heart is the grounds for discerning, and therefore a gay, Christian or not, that is not repenting of their lifestyle will go to hell for their lack of heart for God.

  3. Awful that Satan could use something meant to help Christian life to become a mockery of Christians. but it is interesting that rolling stone covered it. maybe someone will be affected by the teens’ passion.

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