Truth, Will No Longer Be Silent.

God Big Enough to Embrace All
If they cannot there is something wrong with their understanding of their own faith system. God is not a Christian, a Jew or a Muslim! All of these religious systems are human creations through which many people have walked into the mystery and wonder of God. There is no single pathway into the Holy. Those who think there is must face the fact that they have created an idol and installed it in the place reserved for God alone. Only those who worship an idol can believe that they possess, inside their faith tradition alone, the full meaning of God, a concept that is breathtaking in both its arrogance and its ignorance. The purpose of Christianity, as I understand it and practice it, is to enhance human life. It is not to make people more religious or to force them to conform to prescribed religious explanations. It is my sense that the same is true for both Judaism and Islam. So I find it inconceivable that a spiritual practice that has worked for countless others throughout the world might not also be employed with positive results by people of other faith traditions. The God so many people seem to worship is simply too small and too provincial to be God for our time and for our world.

Yet another relative voice in a world of relativists. Another voice erasing the name of God and replacing it with “whatever.” How much more should we listen to? What will have to happen before we speak? This article is claiming that our God is “too small” and saying that Christianity’s purpose is to “enhance human life.” Why do we respond with silence? The author denounces our purposes and erases the name of our God but we act as if no offense is taken. Despite the size of the article its damage is still significant. Imagine how much more damage has been and is being done! Still we stay quiet. Intelligent Christians who say nothing, but let the radicals and the relativists of our group do all the talking. How idiotic are we? Who in a group let the daft speak but keep the eloquent quiet?

I know fear stops us, but who are we to fear? “If God is for us, then who can be against us?” There is nothing to fear, and no reason to stay silent. What we speak is truth, not many truths one truth. If we are speaking the truth and being rejected what should we be afraid of? We know we are in truth. One person’s rejection or a million’s rejection will have no affect on that truth, so we should never stop speaking.


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