Closer Then You Think

I have found a similar genre in my topics for these posts.  All come from personal experiences.  I feel that reading and becoming knowledgeable to gain intellect is not necessarily the way to benefit in life.  We must live and experience life so that we may benefit from the good times or even the trials and tribulations.

 This spring break was spent primarily in pain.  My wisdom teeth were extracted on Tuesday and I’m still healing now almost a week later.  This kind of procedure takes you out of your normal element and into a state of need.  So much as a senior I observe myself gaining my own independence and becoming self sufficient in as many ways of life as possible.  Because of my surgery i was not entirely able to. 

I was able to experience the feelings of need.  My whole family was very supportive and I really grew closer to them as they helped me through my struggle.  The main thing I learned throughout this whole ordeal is that just as i relied on my parents for support, myself and other Christians must rely on God.  Too often I find myself trying to handle my own problems.  I need to give myself to God and let him handle my situations as stubborn as I am.  Regardless of any situation I must let God be my rock, my fortress, and my cornerstone.

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