Blind Mice

We are blind. Every single one of us. Some have sudden moments of sight, only to have them quickly fade back to darkness. Yes, we are blind. We do not see the wealth around us. Actually, we refuse to see the goodness that we are positively swimming in. Step out of your own skin for a moment and examine your life. You have a house. A lot of people don’t. you most likely have your own room or only have to share with a sibling. Sure beats living in a freezing one-room shack. You have a car. You would pitch a fit if you had to walk to the mall, even though many spend their lives only walking. What’s more, you have legs with which to walk. There countless people whom God has not given that luxury to, so stop complaining about the size, color, or shape of yours. You have food to eat every day, and you always have enough to buy a snack after school. You have a family, consisting of people who love and protect you. And did you think about this: you are able to read what I have written. What if you could not? How drastically would your life be changed. I could go on forever, but you are likely convicted already. The sad part is that these are only shallow, earthly things. We have so much more to be thankful for.

Blessed are the people to whom such blessings fall!
   Blessed are the people whose God is the LORD!

Source: Psalm 144:15



  1. I sometimes go to bed at night and realize that through the entire day I have not thought about God in a single moment. I lay there and wonder why. How in my blessed life do I have a single day even a single second where I do not think about God?
    We are blessed in so many ways, but we forget in our sutpidity.
    I don’t want to be stupid anymore.

  2. Being thankful makes you into pleasent company. Ever found yourself hanging around thankless people? It sucks. Don’t be one.

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