“Hurt” Music Videos

There are few questions more difficult or vital than the reality of despair and hope, and if you know the lives of Trent Raznor and Johnny Cash, these two memoir style videos are a provocative dialogue.

Johnny Cash’s Hurt Video 

Trent Raznor of Nine Inch Nails Live Hurt Video


  1. I am guessing Johnny Cash represents hope whilst Raznor represents despair…call me a crazy risk taker, but I would bet at least $13 on that one.

  2. It’s actually a little more complicated than that. Reznor by all means represents despair, and Cash definitely has an air of hope, but his song is also filled with lament and regret. You should watch them Hervey. Much lies beneath the surface

  3. Kinda like drugs right? You gotta try them before you know they’re bad?

    On to the point. The reason why Cash’s was so full of regret was because he was singing Reznor’s lyrics. The image motif was what I was referring to. Cash’s ends with pictures of redemption in spite of sin and folly while Reznor’s ends in the decay of some sort of animal.

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