I have seen many heartbreaking things, but I was not ready for this most recent sight. Recently I was put in charge of the talent show, and it was during rehearsals that I saw this heartbreak. One of the performances was a dance to the song “Listen” by a young girl with loads of talent. In her rehearsal dance I noticed that she constantly looked at her mom. Her mother returned the look with one of her own, blatant disapproval. This girl was dancing her heart out for a mom who only saw imperfection.

            This destroyed me and reminded me of how lost our world is. Even in the places where we should find most of our comfort we find none. While I watched the exchange of glances between the girl and her mother I remembered the purpose of this blog. The song was “Listen” and in her dance I could tell that is what she wanted her mother to do, and that is the same thing we are trying to do.

            With each blog we write we are screaming “Listen!” to the world. We are trying to get there attention and cause a change. However, the harsh reality I came to was that a large amount of the world is going to shrug us off, just as the mother did. Nevertheless we have talent; writers, singers, dancers, actors, doctors, all of us. Even if no one listens we are doing something to benefit the world. This is my plea to our class…keep screaming, and keep clamoring for someone to listen, because all is not in vain.

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