This Is For Senor Mondragon’s Spanish Class (Others Welcome),2933,263003,00.html?sPage=fnc.national/crime

April Fools came and went this year and it seemed to be a pretty usual day.  So I stumbled across this article on Fox News about an early April Fools prank students did to their classmates/teacher.  The title of the article was “Five 8th Graders Charged With Laxative-Laced Doughnut Prank.” That pretty much sums it up.  20 people injested these doughnuts and got treated by the ambulence that arrived at the school.  The students were charged with “second-degree tampering with a consumer product.”

You may laugh, but how often do we think and do these types of “pranks” to other people? Is it really necessary?  Is it really worth that little tiny bit of pleasure of satisfaction for ourselves at someone else’s expense.  I mean, I love a good prank as good as anybody else (how ’bout a nice laxative laced cookie?) but when do the pranks cross the line.  You know we all start off pranking on a small scale, but then they get bigger and better as time progresses.  Sometimes it’s good to stop and examine what we are going to do and see if if people are going to be laughing with us or at us for our stupidity.  (Just some food for thought)

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