Triumphant Entry

Though I understand that many people think that a proper reflection of thought should have some sort of reference. I do know for a fact that our dear Marcelonicus is a fan of references and to him and all others that may be frustrated in this post, my deepest apologies. Now, I cannot say the is is a whole hearted apology, because sometimes, thoughts just pop into the old noggin. But if a reference is demanded, try this on for size: Time.

Today is Palm Sunday. A day that is important simply because it was a moment in the life of our Savior. But it is a day that proved a fact about our humanity and our logic. In pondering this day, I consider the idea of our ability to see a good thing when it is in front of us. When Christ entered Jerusalem, the people praised God and shouted of his presence in great jubilee. Their king was entering the city… I could give the details but I’m sure you already know them, and in case you don’t, Mark 11. But the people could only see the there and then of “their” king. When days later that “their” king was crucified. Their hopes and ideas of what was to come were shattered… Understandably, this may seem a little scattered and somewhat unorganized but so are my thoughts. But the idea of our misunderstanding of the happenings of time is so strong in my mind that it simply challenges me to depend not on my own logic, but to rather listen to the inspiration that is given through the Word.



  1. wow

  2. pardon me. I meant woah. Although that doesn’t look right

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