The Price of Acceptance

Everyone wants to be accepted by their peers, its human nature. However, it seems like people sometimes are willing to go to far to be accepted. I was recently reading an article about two college girls who died in a hazing incident at a california college in 2002. The two girls wanted to be included in a sorority so they agreed to undergo “hazing”. However, during the hazing rituals, the two girls were accidently drowned. These types of hazing acitivities happen all the time in various university sororities and fraternities. It is not only sad, but pathetic how so many youth are willing to be put through the humiliation and potential danger just to be accepted by a small group of people. Even more disgusting are the people who are behind hazing. They act as though people must go through tremendous tasks in order to be accepted by them. Who are they to think this? In reality these types of people are not the ones who are worth being accepted by. It may sound cheesy, but the only types of people worth being accepted by, are the ones who accept you for nothing more than who you really are. You should not have to jump through hoops to be accepted by others, and they should not expect you to.


  1. Just so you know LinZ I do not expect you to jump through hoops. In response to your article I think that the people you can be the weirdest around are your closest friends. Those that truly accept you put up with your craziness, and just appreciate you for who you really are.

  2. As crazy as this incident may it so far fetched? Are you saying that you wouldn’t do it? I’m not saying that you should, but then again when you have a majority telling you you should and nobody telling you you shouldn’t then wouldn’t you? Sometimes it is extremely hard to resist peer pressure but for the most part everybody regrets doing what they did. We need to be strong and know that we can call on God to help us overcome these pressures the world throws at us.

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