Sweet dreams are made of these… Who am I to disagree?

Today’s world is constantly scrutinized by mankind to explain everything.  Often this obsession to understand everything causes mankind to explain things that do not exist or are extrapolations far beyond logic.  This is the world of conspiracy theories.  However that mountain is far too tall and far to steep to be scaled in this setting.  However the stem of these theories are one simple statement, the owner of  certain knowledge and technology believes that it is better kept out of the hands of common man.  This view of Ideology or bliss is ignorance has been a hot topic since the dawn of modern communication.     This debate has shown its head in recent times with the release of the hit movie “The Da Vinci Code” and the recent war in Iraq.  As both Christians and functioning members of the American how do these issues affect us and what can be learned from them?  “The Da Vinci Code” tackles the Roman Catholic Church.  The outrageous claim made by Dan Brown is that Jesus Christ not only was marred to Mary Magdalene but that they bore a daughter and her decedents still live on in a sacred bloodline protected by a secret organization.  He claims that if the public knew this the Roman Catholic Church would be ruined and therefore they do all in their power to stop its revealing.  This self proclaimed fiction novel allows deep insights into the human flesh.  In this example the problem is easily solved.  Luckily we do not need to trust any one organization for theology.  God himself breathed into life the Holy Scriptures so that we ourselves can be tutored under him.  This is a call to return to scripture.  It is ludicrous to make conclusions without scripture.  The word of God himself is contained in a book, and to leave this untapped is plain foolishness.  God gave his best for us, why not give your best for Him.  However with the issue of Weapons of Mass Destruction and the governments disclosure or withholding of information there is no manual like the Bible.  However the transcendence of the Bible can lead to insights.  Romans 13 deals heavily with the obedience we must show to the government.  In short we are commanded to obey the government, a very simple answer.  Our democratic system makes it easy to make changes in the Government peacefully and legally.  What can we learn from this?  We are sinful.  We wish we knew what really happened at Area 51, we wish we knew what happened during the Cold War, however what would we do with this knowledge?  Humans are driven by one thing, self-sustenance.  Give man all this power and he will destroy himself and his fellow man.  The government is like a leash it keeps us from getting to far ahead of ourselves and getting into trouble.  In short we are sinful and must turn to the one constant in our lives, scripture, for knowledge and guidance.    



  1. You gave two main examples in your blog about man’s need for knowledge in this world:
    1) The DaVinci Code: First and foremost the DaVinci Code is fiction and it needs to be taken as such. Dan Brown gave no reason whatsoever for us to take him literally in his heredical view of Jesus. It was not a way for him to try and explain the mysteries of God and the secrets of the Roman Catholic Church.
    2)War/Weapons of Mass Destruction/Government Disclosure: I completly agree with your claim here. The government cannot tell us everything otherwise we would destroy ourselves with that information. This reminds me of the Founders of the Constitution. They did not want to place power in the hands of one person because man is evil and would want more and more of it thus destroying everything good that they worked so hard to acheive.

  2. I agree that in actuality the first is a poor example. However I acknowledge that it is fiction, and merely use it as example based on ideas not actual events. I could explain why we did not go to the moon because of the prop markers on one of the pictures, however who would relate or even listen to that?

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