…Erasing History…


So it seems that there are many history teachers that are taking it upon themselves to not teach their students any controversial history lessons like the Holocaust and the Crusades.  This is because they “do not want to cause offence to children for certain races or religions.”  Yeah, that is right! You read it correctly.  Teachers are censoring (for lack of a better word) some of the most significant events in man’s history.  Part of being a teacher is telling the truth about what is actually happened/happening in this world.  If we are not aware of our past doesn’t that mean that we are going to be doomed to repeat it? 

I’m going to talk about the Holocaust as an example.  Many people died as a result of the Nazi regime and it had to be one of the lowest points in our history.  The biggest race affected was the Jewish community.  I’m not Jewish, but if I was and I grew up not knowing one of the most horrifying events in my people’s history then doesn’t that mean their deaths were all in vain.  I would want to remember them and the courage that they had when it came to dying some of the most violent deaths. 

This type of censorship is the same types that dictators use to their people.  I honestly believe this is happening because of personal issues with the teacher and  that they don’t want to offend anybody.  You see, if teachers teach these controversial subjects than there are going to be a lot of students that have tough questions about them.  For instance, back to the Holocaust.  A student may ask why Hitler thought that the Jewish were not worthy to be living.  This can put the teacher in a very uncomfortable situation.  I am not excusing this but rather showing that teachers need to come to class better prepared.  They need to prepare the answers to these tough questions and do their homework.  This provides a better forum for debate among students.  By teachers knowing what they are talking about, the chances of someone taking offence is lessoned and history doen’t die because of someones incompetence.  That’s my two cents 🙂 


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