Jessica’s Law

Jessica’s law is a momentous regulation that is currently being proposed. This law would put further restrictions upon sexual offenders. It will place the condition of a minimum of twenty-five years in prison and electronic monitoring for the rest of the predictor’s life. Also, the offender of a child younger than twelve years old will result in death or life in prison with no opportunity for parole.
Objections to this law seem to be beside the point of punishing these criminals. Some say that it would be too emotional damaging for young people to testify in court, but a child can easily be told the reason for this trial. A young person testifying in court is worth justice being served. People also say that it would be too costly for the state. Don’t you think that your money is worth these sexual offenders serving the correct punishment? In America, the punishment is supposed to fit the crime. Jessica’s Law satisfies the punishment of sexual assault.

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  1. I believe that Jessica’s law should be passed. These offenders are taking away a childs innoence and sense of safety, which in turn can ruin a child life. I agree that this new law would definitely fit the crime.

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