Good bye Religion, hello Spirituality..

  It seems like everywhere you go you hear someone say, I’m spiritual but not religious. Today, many classify themselves under this term “spiritual but not religious.” What exactly does it mean? It can describe a person who claims to have faith, but they have nothing more than a watered down version of it. It is far from real, genuine faith. Others take it to heart and live this spiritual life. Speaking, teaching spiritually but they only fool themselves. They have a twisted doctrine only believing and following what they want. “Spirituality is an umbrella word, a catchall concept used to characterize a commitment to the sacred elements of life. It defies a singular definition, hence the fluidity of the usage of the word; it is also an evolving term rather than one of fixed determination.”  It is just a way to claim something but have no commitment to it. There is no real definition because it doesn’t really mean anything. What can be known is that this generation is rejecting traditional faith. More and more people are saying bye to religion and following spirituality. As a result,Christianity is slowly losing it’s people to spirituality. People claim, but it is not authentic or sincere. So, next time you hear someone say, “I’m spiritual but not religious” you can ask what do you mean?




  1. it is so sad that this is what our world is becoming. this amplifies the need for strong, intelligent Christians to define the truth.

  2. I know what you are saying, it seems like nowadays everyone wants to have their own relative idea of religion. You’re completely right about people feeling like they need to have religion, but not wanting to be committed to it, or obeying its guidelines. Its very disappointing.

  3. hmmm… nice point.. but ill have to dissagree with ur logic and ur basis in ur argument… i see alot of biased remarks… it is true, that SOME forms of ‘spirituality’ are a fluid remark, used to umbrella partakers of this doctrine… a false one at that.. but not all people who claim to be spiritual and not religious are bent on avoiding a structured doctrine.. you have forgotten to mention the people that have yet to actually find their walk with christ. there are plenty of people that actually would love to follow christ, but have not found the right ‘church home’ or leader in God. also, spiritually can be just as pure and complex as any religion. but it isnt a substitution for religion.. as a prime example of my words, i am a christian.. born a christian, raised a christian. in fact, my grandfather is the founder of a church, step father is a minister. again.. i was RAISED in the church.. but all too many times, i have gone to a church, and find doctrine that cannot be found in the bible, being inserted into the church. all too many ‘religious’ folk tend to put their own twist on what true faith is. to some, faith can be giving the last dollar that is had in the entire houshold to the church that sits on a multi-milion dollar foundation. to others, it can be faithfully going to church everyday. true faith is trust in god. trusting in the doctrine set out by God and his apostles in the BIBLE. Jesus Christ was a Jew. NOT a christian. Christianity was set out only to be a follower of christ. not too many people know the old doctrine.. thats because all too much, RELIGION has set into the minds of our church leaders… ‘we must make our religion know!!!’ says the father of a church… why not let God’s glory be known.. religion shall soon take over politics. thats all religion is… a twist on politcs. time repeats itself, and can anyone tell me what the pharosis and sagosies [sp.] were in the bible??? what kind of people were they??/ ill let u find that out on ur own. . forget religion and focus on God.

    i leave with this remark. …
    ‘Religion is manmade.. all things made by man shall pass away
    God is eternal.. his words are eternal. and everlasting. follow GOD.. only GOD. a man claiming to be a man of GOD can lead u to hell. but the lord, or savior, is the only way to salvation. “

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